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Google Adsense is Now Supporting Urdu Language

Google Adsense is Now Supporting Urdu Language
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On internet world the people who are serving Urdu language from a very long time without any profit in the shape of Urdu blogs. For those who love it, good news from Google is that they will now benefit from Google AdSense.

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Google has announced that AdSense will also support Urdu now. Google says that Urdu content has increased rapidly in recent years.

People from Pakistan, India and world around who understand Urdu are in millions. Due to this reason, Google has decided to introduce AdSense support for Urdu websites so that Blogger and Publisher can also benefit from the AdSense platform.

If you are also a Urdu blogger, then after reading the AdSense program policy, you can sign up for the AdSense program.

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According to official statement said by team

“We have noticed that the interest for Urdu language content is growing from past few years. So from today, we are very happy to announce that the addition of Urdu, who has been spoken by millions of people in Pakistan and India and other countries in the world will be helpful and going beneficial for the family of adsense supported languages.”

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