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Google Android Will Introduce a New Version named as Android Go

Google Android Will Introduce a New Version named as Android Go
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Google will be going to introduce a new version of Android named as “Android Go” for low end or low power hardware devices.

There have been more than w billions active devices on internet so that’s why they are trying to make this version lightweight.

So, it will work smoothly on all the crazy cheap smartphones easily.

The name of this new Google’s project has been named as “Android Go”.

This new lightweight version of Google will be full of optimized apps and plays store for the upcoming (Android O) version.

The new version is basically a lightweight version of Android and that is more optimized for low power mobile devices.

Google is focussed on those devices which have very low specifications and the users with very limited relationship and capability.

Also, it’s focus is on the devices having less than 1 GB of memory. Google Play Store is going to highlight these applications that can run on these cheap devices.

The fundamental concentration of the Google is on these applications that are under 10 MB and work flawlessly when you are not associated with the web and bolster gadgets with moderate frameworks on a chip and little RAM.

This version will be a lighter version of Google’s main apps, which use less memory, and data storage.

In “Android Go” the chrome will save data by default. In Google play store the apps will highlight to lightweight.

In this version a new app has been included which is named as “YouTube go”. Through which to watch the videos offline the users will be able to directly download them.

Yet Google didn’t announce any partner of its hardware.