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Google Drive has been updated with Awesome & Useful Features

Google Drive has been updated with Awesome & Useful Features
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Google Drive

Small but Amazing & Helpful features:

If you are living a digital life in Google apps, then you will pleased to know with small and helpful updates in features which has been added to Google drive.

The parent company has made it more uncomplicated to easily add files to drive and organize them in folder, which can be handy by having a large number of documents and needs a quick way to sort them out.

The most amazing change which has been intelligently made is the drag and drop file option directly into the folder from the search. This makes it more accessible to move files from any location where you have saved, even if you have saved it in “My Drive” or in another folder within Google Drive.

The other two amazing features have been provided to rapidly add content to my drive. While previewing any file, you will see a new button that helps you to save that file/document or image directly to my drive. The second incredible feature is if you are browsing from drive, you would see a “Move” icon in the toolbar through which you can shift other files to different fodders immediately.

It has removed the option of having to press the menu button, where there locates three dots heaped on top of each other, to access the “move” button.

Instead of “Move” symbol there you would see a “add to my drive “icon in the toolbar, if you are searching for the documentation which has been shared with you in Google drive.

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