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Google Major Updates in 2020: How Will It Affect Your Website?

Google Major Updates in 2020: How Will It Affect Your Website?
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If you’re handling a website, you’ll likely notice your traffic and other metrics get a bit shaken up after Google’s May 2020 Core Update. Navigating this new core update during the COVID-19 pandemic can be tricky, but it’s not impossible to do. If you’re able to do this, then you’ll likely be able to help your website and your brand adapt properly to these changes and result in better traffic. Here are some ways this update will be affecting your website:

Google Major Updates in 2020

Websites not updating content 

Google and other search engines want to make sure websites remain helpful to users. For instance, if you’re providing packing and moving services, Google expects your website to update your information with regards to relevant circumstances, such as how your services will adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Websites with thin content in relevant pages

We can’t always have a lot of words in all of our pages, as sometimes we have About Pages and Contact Us pages that need to contain a few words. However, relevant pages such as blog posts should have a substantial amount of content to denote their usefulness to readers. Don’t just update your content willy-nilly, though! Your content addition has to make sense and should be up to par with pages of similar subjects to the competition.

Websites with SEO errors

Your website might look amazing and attractive, but if it has a lot of SEO errors, you might be penalized by Google in the long run. Make sure you don’t have duplicate title tags, your meta tags and descriptions are updated and changed properly, and your pages don’t have broken links. These are things that Google and other search engines take note of, and you should make sure they’re updated or else you might be penalized with low traffic and low ranking. 

  • Websites tackling authority topics need to make sure they’re authorized in the first place. Perhaps one of the most affected industries with this update are websites belonging to very technical niches, such as medicine and technology. Given the strict emphasis on efficient content creation, Google looks at websites and has become much stricter when it comes to credibility. Authors and bloggers have to carefully assess how they “assert” their authority in a way that makes Google and search engines believe they’re professionals and not just random writers. 
  • Websites that aren’t optimized will be penalized in the long term. Now’s the age of websites that should look navigable and easily-accessible by viewers. This means websites that still opt for rather “ordinary” layouts without taking into account mobile optimization can suffer a huge blow in traffic in the long term. Make sure your websites don’t just look pretty, but they have a layout that makes navigating through your content much easier.
  • Websites that don’t offer value compared to other competitors will be left behind. Perhaps most importantly for website owners is that the content they’re presenting to viewers and readers should be able to provide them with a value that’s not present or new compared to the competition. It’s important to remember that various industries have a lot of competition going on, and consumers will want to go to more reliable members of industries they’re interested in. For instance, a lot of long-distance moving companies offer different long distance moves, and while all of them seem reliable, the difference lies in how they present their data and information to users. 

Google Major Updates 2020: You Can Survive This

With the above tips taken into consideration, it’s important for your website and your brand to start making more meaningful content targeted to your audience. This kind of approach not only positions you as a trustworthy part of your industry but also makes search engines take note of your contributions in your niche. Using this strategy can help position your brand in a good light and possibly drive more traffic.

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