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Google Pixel 2: Topnotch Camera and Advanced Processor

Google Pixel 2: Topnotch Camera and Advanced Processor
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Smartphones Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL from Google are expected to replace old phones this year.

Water Resistance

One of the features of the future of Google Pixel 2 is that it will get a waterproof case. However, there is a possibility that Google is still not convinced of the need to add a waterproof feature to its new upcoming flagship Pixel 2.

However, the major flagships of other brands, such as the iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the upcoming LG G6, are equipped with a waterproof case, so it is likely that Google will still include this feature in its flagship smartphone.

Topnotch Camera

One of the most important features of the original Google Pixel is the 12.3 megapixel camera. DxOMark (the camera evaluation platform) rated the Google Pixel main camera at 89, which makes it a smartphone with the best camera ever developed.

It is rumored that one of the features of Google Pixel 2 will be its first-class camera.
Google is unlikely to increase the number of megapixels, but it is expected that the “star” Pixel 2 camera will support the most advanced low-light photos and many other new features.

Advanced Processor

Google suggested that you need to test the prototype Google Pixel 2 with different types of processors. One of the prototypes works on the Snapdragon SoC 83x, whereas there is another option that includes the Intel chipset. In addition, according to rumors, the search engine is testing a custom chipset for Pixel 2.

There is also the assumption that Google is working with MediaTek to develop Pixel 2. However, this rumor is unlikely to be true.

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Budget Pixel 2B is on the way

Google Pixel 2 is expected to be at an expensive cost. The starting price of the first generation Pixel 2 is $ 649. However, the new Pixel 2 is expected to cost at least $ 50 more than the current price for Pixel.

In addition to expensive Google Pixel 2, Google has hinted that it is working to create a third smartphone – Google Pixel 2B with more modest features, as well as a much lower price. Thus, the company wants to extend the “Google experience and Google phones” to developing markets.

Release date for Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2B

Rumors abound that the release date of Google Pixel 2 will be in October this year. Pixel 2B can exit simultaneously with Pixel 2, or can be submitted shortly afterwards. This was all about new upcoming smartphones of Google.