High Tech Toilets? What To Consider Putting In Your Bathroom

High Tech Toilets? What To Consider Putting In Your Bathroom
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If you thought toilets were all bog standard, you can think again. These days, there are some pretty high-tech toilets on the market for you to choose from. If you’re renovating your bathroom and are looking for a new throne, it could be time to consider one of these cool new toilets. But what should you be looking for? Which amazing new features are available? Let’s take a look.

  • Comfort Height

A comfort height toilet will be around 2” taller than a standard toilet. This makes it ideal for anyone who has mobility issues or who is getting on in years to sit on it and get back up again. The average comfort stool height is between 17 and 19 inches. There are some top manufacturers making this style of toilet.

  • Dual Flushing

Dual flush toilets have been around for a while in Europe, but in the USA, they’ve only just appeared. They’re causing a storm too among a generation who are keen to be eco-friendly and conserve natural resources. Many offer significant water savings, which is great news for the planet. A low flow toilet is very nature-friendly and represents great value if you’re on a water meter.

  • Heated Seats

When you’ve sat down on a standard toilet set on a cold day, you’ll know just how uncomfortable that can be. Now, you can choose an electrically heated toilet seat which will kill the chill. It’s never been more pleasant to use the toilet on a winter’s day!

  • The Integrated Bidet

If you’ve ever wondered about the strange fixture beside the toilet in your last European hotel stay, wonder no more. The bidet has been popular in Europe for years and is now entering American bathrooms. There are now high-tech toilets out there which have an integrated aerated spray to clean yourself after you use the toilet.

  • Motion Activated Toilet Seats
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If you’re sick of being told to put the seat down, you won’t need to worry any more if you choose a touchless toilet seat. Fully automated, it operates via motion sensors and the lid will be raised when you approach then lowered after you move away. It’s also a very hygienic choice. While we’re looking at hygienic options, the no-touch flush has to tick all the boxes. You’ve probably seen them in public bathrooms and now more of them are appearing int eh home. With an infrared sensor, you’ll be able to flush without touching the handle.

  • An Inbuilt Night Light

If you want to use the toilet in the night without waking everyone by turning the light on, an inbuilt toilet night light is the way forward. They light up the toilet bowl so you can see where you’re aiming!

  • Bluetooth Speakers

If you like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, a toilet which features inbuilt Bluetooth capacity could be the perfect choice for you. There are now toilets out there which feature receivers that can read Bluetooth signals from smartphones and tablets as well as featuring an SD card slot which allow you to play your favorite tunes while you’re in the bathroom or even devise your own recorded verbal greeting for anyone using your bathroom.

  • The Touch Screen Remote

If you’re going seriously high-end with your high-tech toilet, you’ll need a remote control to allow you to operate the many features that your new throne provides. With an air dryer, an inbuilt bidet, Bluetooth music player and automatic flush features as well as a nightlight and automatic toilet seat, you’ll have to have some way of making your toilet do everything you need it to!

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While a fully high-tech toilet might not be for you, some of these features could be a good choice for any modern bathroom. A low flow, dual flush toilet, for example, is well worth the extra money and will help you to save money on your water bills as well as to conserve the earth’s precious natural resources. If you’re choosing a toilet, you might want to consider these options.