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Does Your Hosting Provider Affect SEO?

Does Your Hosting Provider Affect SEO?
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With constantly changing, growing and evolving Google algorithm, it’s quite stressful to determine what are the important factors in concerns to (SEO) search engine optimization efforts. Some features are obvious like reputation, links, and keywords. But, are those the only aspects that influence SEO? Experts believe no!

What are other Factors that are considered Important?
One of the first determinations you make when you start a website is choosing a hosting provider.

Is Your Hosting Provider Affecting your SEO Ranking?
Well, your selection of host is not going to boost your website ranking directly. Also, it is not going to attract high traffic directly to your site or move it to the first page of google. However, a poor selection of a hosting provider can ought to a detrimental effect. Hence, wisely choosing a host can provide an edge on a competition.

Most of the new website owners prefer a hosting provider because they offer’s service at very cheap rates. When you understand the purpose of hosting in SEO, one can pick wisely and have the benefits. Let see, how hosting impact your SEO ranking.

  • Security of Server

The security of your website is extremely important. Not only forGoogle ranking but also for the users safety and for your experience. An unsecured website can hurt your sites ranking in various ways. Google penalizes the websites that are hosting malware or attacked.Once if the visitors learn the security flaws it harms your reputation and your traffic. All those factors result in a decrease in ranking.

You might do everything to protect your site, but the host plays an essential role in terms of security of your website. Their role is the most prominent when you rely on shared hosting service. When other websites have very poor security on the same server it offers an opportunity for the hackers to infect many websites on that same server. A solution here is moving your site to the Dedicated Server Hosting in India.

  • Location of Server
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It might appear that the location factor has recently become a big factor in Google ranking, but, the location factors have been a metric since a long time in Google’s ranking algorithm. Google always relies on the location information even if the searching is not a local search. For instance, if someone makes a search from within the US, the website located on servers in the US are more prone to be on the top. The search results are less likely to appear the sites from China or Japan.

Previously there was a time where only the Top Level Domain was considered for a website location. But now, it has started relying on the IP addresses as it delivers the more accurate results. This can be good only for the visitor making a search, but it can harm your business if it is located on the different server. You should know the location of your server as well as a location for your targeted audience. Then select the hosting that provides the servers in the same country where a majority of your audience is located.

  • Performance of Server

Server speed and server downtime are the major factors that are considered in server performance. The performance of a server can affect the user’s experience, and this is considered quite seriously by the Google. Google penalizes the websites having slow loading speed and sites with downtime. Many hosting providers have high percent uptime level. However, it’s a rare case to search for the host having less than 99% uptime, but that 1% can make a huge difference.You can improve your website speed by making changes on the website design. But still, your web host can slow down at a point where it harms SEO efforts.Using a dedicated server will cost you more, but it is better for your business in long run.

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There are many high-quality hosting provider expanded across the internet. Searching a host with a right location, best performance, and the one that takes a website security seriously should not be hard. Only make sure before taking a wise decision that you research and review each quality of hosting service provider. Or else it might affect your SEO campaign and not deliver the right result.