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How to Back up Your Mac with Best Backup Software

How to Back up Your Mac with Best Backup Software
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Backup plays a crucial role when you face situations like system failure, malware attack, or similar conditions when your data is at stake. When system failure and malware attack is very often occurrence, it could cause important data loss unnecessarily. To avoid such a situation, the best advice any professional will give you is to take regular backup on external drives or on cloud servers. This way you not only manage to keep a second copy of your data safe at a secondary location, but you can also restore it whenever or wherever you want. To take backup on your Mac, you can follow a manual process where you can use built-in Time Machine utility or take backup on the iCloud drive. In addition to the manual process, you can use best backup software for Mac to take backup of all-important files & folders in a jiffy. Let’s discuss the manual process first.

Back up your Mac with Time Machine

Time Machine offers the easiest and best online backup solution for Mac. To take back up, you can use built-in backup feature of Mac called Time Machine. It helps you automatically backup all your valuable data including files & folders, emails, music, photo files, apps, documents, and system files. To start creating a backup with Time Machine, first, you would require is an external storage device. You can connect any of these external devices to take backup:

  • USB, FireWire Drive or Thunderbolt.
  • External device connected to AirPort Time Capsule or AirPort Extreme Base Station (802.11ac model).
  • AirPort Time Capsule
  • Network-attached-storage or NAS device that supports Time Machine over SMB
  • Mac shared as a Time Machine backup destination

Once you have connected any of these external devices to Mac, you can start taking backup using Time Machine. Here, it will take backup on an hourly basis for the past 24 hours, weekly backups for all previous months, and daily backups for the past month. Once the device gets full, the old backups will be deleted.

Select your storage device as the backup disk

Once you have connected an external drive to the Mac, it might ask you if you wish to use the drive to back up with Time Machine. Here, you need to select “Encrypt Backup Disk” option (recommended), and then tap on Use as Backup Disk button. Here, you can access the encrypted backup with a password.How to Back up Your Mac with Best Backup Software

In case, Time Machine doesn’t ask you to use your drive, then you need to need to follow below mentioned steps to add it manually.

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Go to Apple menu > System Preferences and then tap on Time Machine. Alternatively, you can you can go to the Time Machine menu in the menu bar and open the Time Machine Preferences.

Now tap on Select Backup Disk or Select Disk or Add or Remove Backup Disk option.How to Back up Your Mac with Best Backup Software

Next is to choose the external drive from the list of available disks.

Choose “Encrypt Backups” (recommended) and then select “Use Disk” button.How to Back up Your Mac with Best Backup Software

Note: In case, you haven’t formatted the disk as required by Time Machine, then it will prompt you to erase the disk first. You can tap on Erase to proceed. It will erase all information on the backup drive first and then start taking backup.

Once you have selected the backup disk, Time Machine will start taking periodic backups immediately and automatically without further action by you. Here, it will take considerably long-time at the time of the first backup depending on how much data you have on your system. But you can still use your Mac while the backup is underway in the background. For the next backup, Time Machine will only backup files that have been changed since the last backup, so you can expect lesser time for backup in future making backups faster.

You can select Back Up Now from the Time Machine menu in the menu bar to start a backup manually. You can also check the status of a backup using the same menu or skip a backup in progress whenever you want.

Store files in iCloud

iCloud and iCloud Drive could be used to store multiple files including documents, photos, and music files. Here, whatever data you store, it will stay up to date and accessible across all of your devices. Before you begin, you need to ensure these things:

  • Update your Mac to the latest macOS.
  • Set up iCloud on all your devices.
  • Make sure you are signed in to iCloud on all of your devices using the same Apple ID.

Download iCloud for Windows, if you are using Windows PC. Here, you need to update to Windows 7 or later.

Get started on your Mac

  • Head to Apple menu > System Preferences and select iCloud.
  • Here, you need to sign in with your Apple ID if needed.
  • Select iCloud Drive.How to Back up Your Mac with Best Backup Software
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On iCloud.com

  • Sign in to iCloud.com
  • Select numbers, pages or keynote. It will ask you if you wish to upgrade to iCloud Drive.
  • Tap on Upgrade to iCloud Drive.


On your Windows System

To set up iCloud on your Windows PC, follow these steps.

  • Head to Start menu > Apps or Programs > open iCloud for Windows.
  • Enter your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.
  • Choose iCloud Drive and then click Apply.How to Back up Your Mac with Best Backup Software

Once you have set up iCloud Drive on your system, whatever documents you have stored in iCloud will be moved in iCloud Drive automatically. Here, you can access this data in the Files app or in Pages, Number or Keynote apps. If you are not able to view files in these apps, then this data might be on the device where iCloud Drive is not turned on.

Use Right Backup

The next best solution to backup data on your Mac is to use best Mac backup software. Here, Right Backup comes as the best solution. This is one of the best backup software for Mac that helps you back up your data automatically to save your time & efforts. You can use this Mac backup software for free to store photos, videos, music files, documents, and more. It allows you to share your files with anyone in the family or friends in a seamless manner. It gives you an option to automatically backup data on every 12-hours using its automatic 12-hour scheduler. You can also edit the settings according to your preference if you don’t want frequent backups. It also offers easy restore options with “Custom Restore” feature to help you restore file manually. It offers easy sync option to help you backup or restore your data across multiple devices including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows computer.How to Back up Your Mac with Best Backup Software

So, these are few simple tips & tricks, you can follow to take backup of your valuable data on Mac. If you know more such tips, then feel free to comment below.


Mac allows you to take backup on your system using Time Machine feature. In addition to that, you can also use the best backup software for Mac to do so. Let’s discuss both the ways in detail here.

Author Bio: Chandra Shekhar Choudhary is working at Systweak Blogs