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How to Change your Voice in Skype?

How to Change your Voice in Skype?
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Facebook is full of cheats and bluffs where girls shows themselves as boy and boys shows themselves as girls just to attract the opposite sex person. People steal the pictures of opposite sex from Facebook and use their as their own profile pictures and albums. After that, they adds the friends of the desired to sex. All this goes on smoothly through Facebook messenger chat etc but the problem arises when the other person requires calling on Skype. Now what to do…….?

End all the effort with a silence. No way.

But you can go ahead with Skype Voice Changer which especially coverts a female voice to male and vice versa.

Another interesting situation happens when you are a business person and want to use a Female profile for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and GooglePlus etc. to attract more customers. But the problem arises when a customer want to directly talk to you on Skype.

How to Change your Voice in Skype?

In such situation, Skype Voice Changer is most useful. You can use this application without worry because it can exactly change your voice and the other person can’t even doubt on you.

How to Run this Skype Voice Changer?

  • After installation, run the application.
  • See the voice changer icon in the tray and Select the voice that you want to use for skype call
  • Now make a test call from skype(allowed by skype commonly known as Echo Test)
  • If all is OK with the test call, now make call to other person.

Download this software from here.