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How to Earn Money Through Blogging

How to Earn Money Through Blogging
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The methods and ways that bloggers use to make money are actually very interesting. Of course, it is a time consuming process, and requires a good fan following to make money from the blogs. The idea is simple, the more followers you have, the more scope to advertise your blogs.

In order to make a decent amount of money from blogging, there must be multiple sources of income. Though you might not like the initial figures you make, that is how monetizing blogs work.

Here are a few means to earn money from your blogs:

Using Affiliate Links:

Affiliate links are links that you can incorporate in your blogs. The best part is, such links provide you a small amount of commission every time a reader clicks on the links. These links redirect the readers to your brand website, and the money received for it is a small token of appreciation.

However, the idea is, to be honest in this case do not just tell your readers to buy something. Give honest reviews of the products and services.


These can be understood as the process of providing space on your blog for the brands to advertise themselves. For instance, banner ads run on the top of the page and the side banners that run on the side of the contents are a few examples.

If you are willing to go with ads, there are two ways in which you can charge, either through PPC or through CPM. PPC allows you to earn some amount of money every time a reader clicks on the ad. CPM, stands for cost per mile, under such an arrangement, you can negotiate to get paid for every 1,000 impressions

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Providing Newsletter Space:

You can also charge a brand for either an advertising space or for mentioning the brand in your weekly/monthly newsletter. But for this to happen, you have to build up a good mailing list for the various brands to consider you.

Sponsored and Advertorials:

Advertorials can be understood as adverts in the form of articles or a blog post. For instance, Nike brings a new line of women bike shorts and your blogs are all about popular women sports fashion. Nike can strike a negotiation with you. The brand might be willing to pay you an agreed amount of money, say for a 500 words blog post of their new launch with pictures. In addition to that, they might put in a few affiliate links so that you can earn some extra amount from the clicks as well.

Though there are multiple channels to earn money through blogs, advertorials are the easiest way to do so.  However, you must be worthwhile for the brand to approach you.

Social Media Posts:

A strong media presence can be of great use to bloggers. In fact, there are some who make an entire career by using Instagram alone. If the social media presence is strong, then you are most likely to become very attractive to the brand.

Having a good hold on social media can help you earn per post/re-post, and the charges are quite attractive. All you need to do is work hard in the initial stages to gather your followers. This goes on to assure the various brands that their content will reach the maximum number of people.

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Social media posts are also fun to make. With amazing free tools available on the Internet, it’s very simple to create attractive social media posts. There are hundreds of free templates that you can use, you can customize your own posts.

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Guest Blogging:

Occasionally the press members or even brands having their own blogs can contact you to make a small cameo on their website if you have an authority in a certain subject. For example, if you have a fair knowledge about wearing fashionable clothes within a budget, you might be approached by certain brands to share your expertise. Since all these are paid associations, you will be offered money to post a guest blog on their site.

There are tons of ways through which you can make money from blogging. But these are the most effective ones. Keep exploring!

Author Bio: Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst at https://www.viralchilly.com/.