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How to Earn Money through Blogging

How to Earn Money through Blogging
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Blogging is nothing short of an art form. Over the past decade, blogging has skyrocketed with the advent of social media and the mainstream use of the smart phone. With apps like Instagram and Tumblr providing a platform to those who wish to express their opinions online, blogging is no longer just a hobby but in fact a multimillion-dollar business globally. One might think: how does one even make money by simply blogging? Well, as simple as the task may seem, it is not exactly a piece of cake. Blogging is a profession that requires undivided attention, perseverance and most importantly, patience. If you are starting a blog, you cannot expect yourself to start bringing in cash overnight. A line of work that requires an initial investment but reaps benefits later, here is a guide on how to make money through blogging.

  • Start a blog

So you have made up your mind about starting a blog but how does one start a blog? To start a blog, you need to start with a platform. It is prudent to opt for a platform that is available to the masses and is one that will support the nature of your content. It is best to opt for a platform that is free, easy to use, features a variety of tools and designs for customization and is one that is secure. Some of the original blogging platforms included WordPress and Blogspot however, now you can blog your content on social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. The more accessible your platform is, the more viewership you can guarantee. Once the platform is decided, choose your domain name. Make sure your blog’s name is unique, easy to remember, has good keywords to help higher site ranking and is legally yours in terms of trademark and copyrights. Start setting up your blog by building up the foundation of your content.

  • Create meaningful content

There is a reason why some blogs are popular, and others aren’t. The ones that generally address content that is interesting and useful that people can relate to and seek help from. Your blog’s content depends on what you wish to write about. Every blog caters to a certain niche such as fashion, lifestyle, makeup, photography, technology, literature, etc.

In addition to the niche, every blog, like the Leather Skin Shop, also addresses a certain demographic regarding the area, age group, gender inclination, etc. Once you know what niche and demographic you wish to address, it will make your job easier as you will know what kind of approach to adopt. Create meaningful content that people will understand. The more people understand and appreciate your point of view, the stronger will their level of trust be in your blog.

  • Find your reading market
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Building a blog is very intensive in terms of work, so much so that in the process of creating content you tend to ignore building an audience side by side and only limit yourself to adding more and more to your blog’s content. Promotion is equally as important as the quality of your content if not more. You must learn to differentiate between simply viewership traffic and actually readership because you must strive for the latter and not the former. Start off by acknowledging the kind of reader you wish to attract. After that, you can start making your presence known in places where you know your reading market is already present. Take baby steps and start by leaving encouraging and helpful comments to familiarize your audience. Do not spam but instead try to add value to your presence to solidify your position.

  • Connect with your readers

The connection is built on common ground. The more common ground you have with your audience, the more both parties will relate to one another. Creating engaging content is not enough if you don’t have people reading it. Instead of focusing simply on content quality all the time, you have to relate to your audience on a personal level, so they understand you better. Be responsive with comments, be interactive and give them a reason to keep coming back to your forum. Once you have a loyal audience, it does not take long until word of mouth spreads, and you are gaining more followers by the minute.

  • Income streams

After investing all that time and devotion to the blog, it will be a test of your patience because the truth is that with blogging, money does not start coming in instantly. Work and experimentation are the two things that will go hand in hand to ensure an influx of money. There are many income streams that you can use to generate money for your blogs.

  • Ads: Much like a magazine or a newspaper, a blog can also be used as a platform to advertise for a brand. Initially, you can approach other platforms to help you find smaller brands to help with advertising. With time, as your viewership increases, more and more brands reach out to you and pay you the amount you demand in exchange for your audience.
  • Affiliate Links: One of the most commonly employed means of generating income, affiliate links feature a product on sale on another website with your blog being the facilitator attracting people to that particular product. These generate a commission for you every time your link is used, and a purchase is made. Once your seal of recommendation has been given to a certain product, and you have a loyal and trusting audience, rest assured, you are in for a lot of commission earning.
  • Promote Events: Another form of advertising, promoting events is another sure fire way of one, attracting more followers, and two, generating more revenue. Advertise the event’s main features and sponsors to attract visitors and also earn your share of the commission.
  • Promote Small Businesses: Public relations are an integral part of the business, and in exchange for reviews, bloggers are often sent products free of cost. As a favor to them, you can always give brands a shout out by reviewing a product. Every review generates commission and sales. While this might not be monumental for bigger brands, it does make a world of a difference with smaller brands as it helps them grow.
  • Services and Products: Promote a product or a service for someone, and you get your share of the commission. From merchandise to freelance services to just about anything you set your mind to, there is an endless list of products that you can feature on your blog and generate income from it.
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Blogging is not an easy task. It takes time, effort, dedication and a whole lot of patience to reach a level where you can earn enough to support yourself full time. One thing you must always make sure of is to never lie to your audience and only promote the things you believe in. A major chunk of blogging bases itself on trust between the blogger and his or her audience. Maintain that trust and stay true to yourself.

Top Blog Earning Websites

240) Blogger.com

241) blogvertise.com

242) blogtoprofit.com

243) digitaljournal.com

244) expotv.com

245) linklift.net

246) linkvehcle.com

247) linkworth.com

248) loudlaunch.com

249) socialspark.com

250) payperpost.com

251) postjoint.com

252) reviewme.com

253) smorty.com

254) sponsoredreviews.com

Note: above sites are for bloggers, who want to get sponsored reviews and publish on their blog.

255) WordPress.com

256) Blog.com

257) WordPress.ORG

258) Joomla.com

Other CMS systems with respect to the sequence of this article:

259. wix.com

260. ravencms.com

261. movabletype.org

262. blogengine.net

263. sitesupra.com

264. ghost.org

265. flazio.com

266. weebly.com

267. webs.com

268. typepad.com

269. htmly.com

270. bolt.com