How to Install PrestaShop on your website?

How to Install PrestaShop on your website?
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How to install Prestashop on your website

In a very few years, PrestaShop has become one of the most famous open source eCommerce solution containing wide range of tools for building an online shop. If you want to create an online shop with PrestaShop eCommerce all you need a web hosting from a reliable company and a simple and perfect domain name.

In this section I are going to learn you how to install PrestaShop on your website?

Hope this step by step guide will be easily for you to successfully install PrestaShop on your website. 🙂

First of all download the latest release of PrestaShop from official website of PrestaShop.

PrestaShop download

  • In order to initiate the installation first you have to download latest version release from PrestaShop official website.
  • Then, extract the zip file locally on your computer
  • Download a data base in your hosting account
  • After that, upload the installation package through file manger or FTP client area. Make sure that the package which you are going to upload should be the public_html directory.

How to Install Program?

  • The first step is the welcome step and here you have to choose your installation language.

installing PrestaShop 1

  • In the next step read the agreement and click the checkbox.

installing PrestaShop 2

  • This step will tell you the system compatibility.
  • In this step you have to enter the basic information regarding your store. You can easily change all the information later so in this step you can enter temporary store name.

installing PrestaShop 3

  • Enter the database information like username, password in this step. This system configurations information you have to keep when creating above database.
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installing PrestaShop 4

  • After all the above steps, a database will be created with the installation of base data. After the 100% installation a bar will appear on the screen.

installing PrestaShop 5

  • After the successfully installation of PrestaShop 1.6 you have to delete the install folder before using it. The deletion is for security purposes, before some run the installation which might possibly damage your store that exists.