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How to Make 10000 Twitter Followers per Month Practically?

How to Make 10000 Twitter Followers per Month Practically?
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What do you think that how the fame of a person can be measured?

However, there are many ways to do that but most of the international magazines and organization generally considers the popularity of a person on Twitter i.e. how much fans or followers are associated with a person. So Twitter can be truly considered as a fame factor for celebrities, stars, athletes etc.

If you have accepted this truth then you will be probably thinking that how to get a lot of fans. Especially you think it when you are new on Twitter. Don’t worry, it is just matter of time that you can make 10000 fans in a single month and this count will multiply each month.

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Twitter Work Strategy:

Given here a practical way that how to Make 10000 Twitter Followers per Month Practically? Time is also given in minutes so that you can manage the time well.

Daily Tasks:

  1. Follow 150 targeted people (5 mins), expect 40% followers

Tools: followerwonk, buzzsumo etc.

  1. Unfollow 100 people who dont follow, otherwise the following/follower ratio will go wrong (1 min)

Tools: justunfollow

 Weekly Tasks:

  1. Share content similar to what influencers are sharing, popular, related (20 mins time)

Tools: buzzsumo, hootsuite

  1. Tweet your content with point 1 (5 mins)
  2. Monitor questions you have written content for and answer them to build fan base (5 mins)

Tools: tweetdeck, hootsuite, others

  1. Content sharing of those you want to build relationship with, share their content and mention them in tweets.

Tools: hootsuite, RSS readers to monitor content of multiple blogs (3 mins)

  1. Find hashtags of events, tweet on these tags, follow people who take action on this tweet, answer their questions etc.
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Monthly Activities:

  1. Add influencers to flattering lists, twitter will send list name notifications to those you add to flattery list. This shows importance, and also get in radar of big personalities. Use the RSS technique above mentioned to share their content so that you are in their radar. In future you will be able to outreach with them in a month or so. (15 mins)

Results: 2000 monthly followers


  • Get leads by pinning an opt-in form tweet
  • Connect with the followers of competitors, make them your friends, introduce your self and make them your client
    e.g. Go to twitter, click on competitor company profile, then start making connections with their followers, build relationship etc
  • Use Twitter ads to get more followers
  • Use tools like Twitter Feed to auto tweets from your favorite blogs
  • Give more time to get 10000 followers per month