How to Stay Cool at Night with bFan

How to Stay Cool at Night with bFan
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Formerly known as BedFan, the bFan product is designed to help you cut down costs while having a peaceful night’s rest without using an air conditioner.

The Bed Fan Cooling System was created to help you sleep better at night without incurring the heavy costs which come with making your bedroom as cool as possible. Just like the name suggests, it is a fan designed to be used with your bed.

bFan – Design and Set-Up

The bFan is a very simple design and can be handled by the average individual including young children and adults. Setting it up should take no more than five minutes as it is built to be entirely stress-free.

It also comes with a simple wired remote control which can help you control your bFan at any time while sleeping without misplacing the remote controller or constant need for a change of batteries.

Although there are just two specific types in terms of height, it is better to know what type suits your bed and might be the best option for you. It is built with a reversible end that makes it easy to place under the bed given the availability of space.

Common Features

The bFan caters to a wide variety of functionalities which include helping you to get rid of night sweats especially if you’re a hot sleeper. The average individual who doesn’t have access to a stable night cooling system will most definitely have trouble sleeping at night, and well, the bFan was created mainly for such individuals.

Sleeping in a hot environment can be a very frustrating experience since it is commonplace for the body to have conflicting temperatures during the night.

It also helps to easily breeze off trapped sweat stuck on your body and different parts of the bed such as the bed sheets, blankets, and mattress.

Its effects on your electricity bills also cannot be understated in any way at all. You can easily save extra cash by cutting down on your cooling expenses with the Bed Fan Cooling system.

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The Bed Fan Cooling fan is a moderately priced product and will be easily accessible for the average family or individual at just $159.5. It can only be purchased on the manufacturer’s website and is not sold on any e-commerce stores such as Amazon and eBay.

The bFan is available in two different heights made to fit both tall and short bed types, and you get to choose whichever height between the 19” to 28” and the 28” to 38” which you’d rather have in your space on the manufacturer’s website before placing an order.

Alternatives Bed Cooling and Heating Systems

The Bed Fan Cooling System is not the only bed fan in the market as there are other alternative products such as the Brookstone Bed Fan, Bed Jet, and the Chilli Cube. Just like the Bed Fan Cooling system, these products are also alternatives to the traditional air conditioning cooling system which depends on electricity for its functionality.

Brookstone Bed Fan

The Brookstone bed fan is one of the most popular alternatives to the bFan product. It is a bed fan equipped with a wireless remote for nights when you have to filter your bed temperature without leaving the comfort of your bed sheet. The Brookstone bed fan is provided to help you sleep better at night.

One of the features of this product is its wireless remote controller and three wireless remote channels which enables you to use the product from any part of your home as opposed to the bFan product which offers a wired remote controller but does not require the use of any batteries.


The BedJet is a dual functioning cooling system which offers you amazingly cool bedtime and a warming system in just a single product.

It doesn’t just help to alleviate the problems of heat while sleeping at night but also helps you stay warm on cold nights. It was designed to help users feel ultimate comfort while using the product.

The BedJet offers you top-notch cooling systems by making extensive use of advanced air ventilation which helps to keep you cool at night or warm as per your desires. The BedJet can be controlled with either the remote controller which comes with the product or your smartphone. It, of course, cannot be understated that the product spoils consumers for choice.

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Chillipad Cube

The Chillipad Cube is also an advanced bed cooling system designed to keep you cool in bed for your sleeping pleasure. The Chillipad works directly with your mattress which makes it even more effective and powerful. It can be easily controlled with the remote control pad which comes with it.

Its water cooling system is an industry leader and has positioned it side by side with the BedJet which is also referred to as one of the two most quality advanced cooling systems.

BedJet vs Chillipad Cube

These two products offer yet unique advanced cooling systems by offering a combo of the cool and warm bed cooling system. Although they are both based on different cooling systems with the BedJet’s air ventilation and the Chillipad’s advanced water-based cooling system, the goal is the same. It is to offer the ultimate bedroom experience for users all around the world.

The Chillipad, on the other hand, has a higher temperature range which starts from around 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 110 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to the BedJet which offers a temperature range of 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Both products provide the highest temperature range in the market today.

Final Words

The BedFan cooling system is an effective way to cool down yourself if you are a hot sleeper.

It is also essential to note that the bed cooling systems discussed here are original American products and like many other American products are very precise in their functionality and offer the top notch service which they claim.

You will definitely sleep better with your Bed Fan and cut down some serious electricity costs in the long run.