The Idea for a Business: Sell Digital Files in Online Store

The Idea for a Business: Sell Digital Files in Online Store
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Would you like to start your own online store, but you do not know what to sell online? In the era of new technologies, digital commerce is becoming more and more popular. Consumers prefer to order a digital file through online stores instead of going to stationery shops searching for CDs with their favorite music or books.

How do sales of digital products look like in practice? In this article, you will learn from specialists who created e-commerce software to run an online store Oferer.com.

Digital files in any formats

When a beginner entrepreneur wants to set up an online store, first that comes to the mind is what products are profitable to sell. We already mentioned that selling digital files is very popular and profitable. However, you do not have to limit your product range to books in PDF or music in MP3 files. The Oferer store platform has met the expectations of sellers. This is possible thanks to a wide range of file formats, including PDF, MP3, MP4, EPUB, MOBI or WAV. Please note that one file can be up to 256 MGB. In practice, it allowed you to sell almost any electronic content. Do you need more? In this case, divide the file into several smaller parts and add them as products in the e-store.

Also, remember to choose the right business model for your online store. On the one hand sell photos, music, and movies. It will cause you to open up to a wide group of potential clients. On the other hand, you can always think about setting up a specialized online store with products from one industry, such as e-books. Narrowing the target group has its advantages: you will manage personalized messages and you will become an expert on the market. What should you choose? To make a decision, carefully analyze the industry in which you want to operate, meet your potential customer and explore the competition.

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Automatic downloading

Since you have already chosen the type of digital files you will be selling, now is the time to learn about the logistics of online store management. Thanks to the modern Oferer.com solution, the entire process of selling electronic products is automatic. This means that when a consumer pays for the order, he will automatically receive an e-mail from the online store with files to download. Thanks to this, the customer will be able to immediately enjoy the ordered product. In addition, in the e-store administration panel, you can choose the option to automatically change the status to “sent”. This solution will save you a lot of time.

Security of online store with digital files

You have already met the online store management system, but you are still worried about the security of digital files. No worries! All multimedia products are repeatedly secured on the server. As a result, the files will not be downloaded inappropriately by the client. Remember that you can also limit the maximum number of downloads by one recipient. Also you can decide how long the link to download electronic content will work from when you complete the transaction. In addition, in the Oferer.com administration panel, you will have access to the basic statistics of the online store. You can also verify whether the given digital file has been downloaded.


In the age of new technology opening an online store with digital files is a great business idea. If you want to create your own website with electronic products, visit Oferer.com and create an online store in one minute. You can test the software for 14 days for free.