iPhone XS vs XS Max, Is It Worth the Extra Cost?

iPhone XS vs XS Max, Is It Worth the Extra Cost?
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The rave has started about the new iPhones. Due to the iPhone X being canceled, Apple has successfully redesigned two flagship models and notably labeled them iPhone XS vs XS Max. These are the most expensive phones that Apple has made to date, but how are they different and is the extra cost worth it?

iPhone XS vs XS Max, Is It Worth the Extra Cost?

Here are a few deciding factors…

The Displays

The iPhone XS has a 5.9-inch screen while the XS Max has a 6.5- inch screen. All the better to see. The iPhone XS Max name supports this gigantic 6.5-inch. Although this is a nice distinguishing mark, the XS is virtually identical to XS Max.

The Design- Going bigger

The iPhone XS Max is a bigger phone, but it is only slightly heavier than the XS. Oddly enough, XS Max weighs the same as iPhone 8 plus.

The new design also allows for the phones to be submerged in three meters of water instead of one meter.

The Performance

There isn’t much difference between the two when it comes to performance. Both the XS and XS Max have an Apple A-12 Bionic chipset, graphics gives 50% increase in graphic performance and 50% power saving: Six-Core CPU, Four-Core GPU, M12 motion coprocessor, and 4GB RAM. To get the phone in reduced price, you can get it from dealers selling refurbished phones.

The Cameras

The cameras on all iPhones has always been a hot topic because of how well they perform. Both phones run the same system, but XS Max’s primary camera is running at 1.22µm. This is big deal due the XS being under 1 like the iPhone X.

Battery Life And Charging

iPhone battery life jumped a little bit from the X, notably iPhone XS runs on 2,658 mAh(30 minutes longer than the X) and iPhone XS Max is running on 3,174 mAh(60 minutes longer than XS). Meaning, the XS Max gives a longer battery life throughout the day. The faster wireless charging hasn’t been established as to what it means from Apple, but we do know that it is capable of up to 15W of charging. So, the AirPower wireless charging standard that was featured in the iPhone X may be absent in the new models. We’ll have to wait for clarification on that.

Storage And Price

The biggest hit is the price, so is either worth it? Depending on the storage space, the prices ump quite a bit with iPhone XS charging 64GB ($999), 256GB ($1,149), 512GB ($1,349) and then iPhone XS Max charging 64GB ($1,099), 256GB ($1,249), 512GB ($1,449).

The average smartphone users need at least 128GB. Imagine what you can do with storage that hits at 512 GB. Endless pictures and a few short films.


The best advice would come from a young man named Adrian Rubin, who lives in Philadelphia, PA traveling the world with a camera bag, smartphone, and a love for technology. Because of this technological background, he is able to give sound advice like above. One could say that for anyone looking to buy the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max would be to buy the phone that matches your needs or wait for the XR. Although there are a lot of similarities, the XS Max is over the top and only offers extra storage as the game kicker. Both are very pricey and that is something already established about Apple products, but they have a few perks to offer the normal iPhone user.

Looking beyond the price, both have better performance, better machine processing, extraordinarily better speakers and microphones, a larger 6.5inch screen on the XS Max, camera advances, dual-SIM capabilities, and a new water resistance. Even the ratings show that XS and XS Max may be worth it in the end to spend a few extra dollars, but don’t go break the bank if you can hold off until the XR.

Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a successful entrepreneur and writer