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Is It Necessary to Have Video Surveillance in Your Office?

Is It Necessary to Have Video Surveillance in Your Office?
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Whether it is a good idea to have video surveillance in your office or not is surely a controversial topic today with critics raising intrusion of privacy issues. However, video surveillance could prove to be essential as you would like the smooth running of the business in your office every day. Dangers to your office and your office staff could be ranging from physical to financial. If you are having any second thoughts about whether you should install a surveillance system in your office, here are certain things to consider. Once you have gone through this article, you are sure to be convinced about investing in a video surveillance system for the safety of your office.

Helps to Enhance Overall Business Operations

There are immense benefits of installing video surveillance in your office or workplace. If you are in charge of the office administration, you could keep track of your employees. You can easily discover if any employee is neglecting his responsibilities. You can identify situations when employees are misusing office property or taking undue advantages while you are away from the office. You could keep a constant watch on them. Once the video surveillance system is in place, no employees would take the liberty of taking multiple breaks for smoking and they would give up the habit of texting instead of focusing on work.

Moreover, you would realize if your office is overstaffed and you could accordingly consider adjusting work schedules. This way, your company would be benefitted and you could see a boost in efficiency and productivity leading to smooth operation of the business on a daily basis. You may opt for a video surveillance system Philadelphia to avail multiple benefits for your business.

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Helps to Curb Sexual Harassment Incidents in Your Office

Sexual harassment in offices or workplaces is still very much prevalent despite so many laws existing against such misconduct. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission has been addressing the pervasive issue of workplace harassment. While it received 7,609 sexual harassment complaints in 2018, the number is showing an upward trend. Sexual harassment cases filed with EEOC increased by over 12% from the fiscal year 2017. Besides being simply motivated by a formal concern for your staff’s well-being, you must be worried about how sexual harassment could adversely impact your business’s productivity, financial status, and employee morale.

Effective use of video surveillance in your office could discourage such misconduct from taking place because everyone knows very well that their actions are constantly being watched. Your surveillance system could provide solid evidence in the event a sexual harassment complaint has officially been filed. Moreover, it could assist your organization in formulating a response.

Helps to Cut Down Workplace Violence

Workplace violence just like sexual harassment remains a common issue in the U.S.A. We know that every year there are several cases of workplace fatal injuries resulting from violence. If there is constant video surveillance in your office or workplace, the troublemakers would be discouraged and they would not like to fall into any trouble later. There would be a dramatic reduction in the number of office property damage cases or vandalism and workplace violence incidents. If at all any incidents do take place, the office manager could easily provide the necessary information and evidence to law enforcement officers.

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It is often believed that constant surveillance could mean a lot of stress and mental pressure for employees as they are constantly being watched. Many of them would not like the idea at all, but when you weigh the pros and cons, the above-discussed considerations are of prime importance and are good enough reasons to invest in a video surveillance system in your office.