Jobs in the Tech Industry Which Aren’t Going Anywhere

Jobs in the Tech Industry Which Aren’t Going Anywhere
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As the world moves on and technologies improve, there is always the fear that certain jobs will vanish and become redundant. Just as we no longer have lamplighters wandering our streets to make sure we can see at night, in a few decades, many of the jobs we know today will have vanished. However, many jobs in the electronics industry are going to stay put for quite a long time. Here are some of them.

PCB Designers

Printed circuit board, or PCBs, can be found in nearly every electronic good you can think of. Even our everyday items like washing machines have the tiny green components which help them to run. PCB manufacturing is one industry which is only likely to go from strength to strength. As technology gets ever more complicated, designers are going to have to learn new techniques on PCB manufacturing to be able to keep up.

Software Developers

As the factories churn out the pieces of technology for consumers to use, the number of software developers creating content for those new technologies is also going to rise. With openings everywhere from the gaming industry to the latest operating systems updates, we rely on software developers to put together many of the programs we take for granted. As things constantly improve, we are only going to need the service of software developers more and more.

VR Specialists

Virtual reality technologies have been a sci-fi dream for many years, and the past decade has seen that dream become reality. Thanks to headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, we are now able to enter gaming worlds unlike anything we have ever seen. The uses of VR stretch far beyond gaming; it is being considered for training programs for the military and medical industry and more.

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Cloud Developers

We have been using cloud technologies for a number of years now and its popularity is still soaring. Flexible and easy to use, many people like the Cloud as it allows them to work from anywhere in the world. No matter where your team happens to be, they can log on with a number of different devices and get to work just like if they were in the office. Cloud technologies are only likely to become more and more sophisticated as time goes on and developers will need to adapt to make these new changes.

Green Energy Technicians

Strides forward are being made every day when it comes to solar and wind energy. If we are going to combat climate change and other issues, we need to find renewable, clean ways to gather our power. The future is bright for anyone thinking about a career in this sector. Whether it is working on the next generation of wind turbines or plotting a new field of solar panels, there is plenty to do.

These are just some of the jobs which are unlikely to vanish any time soon. Would you consider a career in one of these sectors? It is likely to be a very rewarding and long-lasting career change if you are up for it!