Know the Basic Use of Adobe Reader XI

Know the Basic Use of Adobe Reader XI
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Adobe system offers  adobe programme completely free for users around the world so they can create secure document file in any operating system like windows, Mac or Linux.  Adobe reader is globally known application for safe document sharing and this is the only application used by corporate world to open and edit all pdf docs and today we are going through 10 basic use of adobe reader that will be useful for beginners.

It helps to fill out forms electronically

To fill out forms in adobe reader, at first user needs to install adobe reader software as per the system requirement. There are many version available on official website where user can download compatible version as per own system. User can easily type all the details and save it in pdf documents for that they just need to operate type writer tools which enables them to type text in file more over they can also add digital sign or image.

It Records any type of video format

Record Mp3, Mp4, MPEG, wave tracks,  Adobe reader supports almost all types of audio files and can record from mouthpiece or any kind of studio recording hardware. With the help of adobe tools you can make live portrayal, alter and improve sound, or blend a few tracks progressively. There are basically three options for that you can pick one of the three alternatives gave in the window. According to your necessity,

Webcam recording: The webcam recording is a task application that allow users to record the video with sound. If you pick this alternative to record a Live View window shows up, It can record for you with great sound quality and picture quality.

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Screen Recording; to record the activities performed on a computer screen. You can use this option so you can easily record movie clips, short documentary, funny videos or anything which you like to record. In screen recording you can pause the video to take picture and It is great advantage user gets from Adobe. You can also use Both Recording tools at same time, both screen activities and webcam can run together on your screen.

It adds animated object in SWE file

In SWE file, tools like animation effect lets you add animated object after that if you want to move that object into PDF file then you have to use the SWE file from Indesign and export that InDesign  SWE file to pdf file and that is how you can adjust animated object into PDF file. If you already know how  to create SWE file than it is fine otherwise you will find plenty of videos on Youtube that teach you to add animated video in simple manner or also you can create flash file that can open in SWE format.

Gives you option to attach file in Cloud

It gives you facility to store PDFs for accessing from wherever you want, if you have edited some PDF file but the editing work has not completed yet! Just save it in Cloud. Now it becomes very easy for you to exchange PDF records to Word and Excel, or sending your documents for imprints through your android phones or laptop. To register in Cloud, user just needs to go to and finish the registration process with using your Adobe ID or Facebook or Gmail account. Now you are all set to use the facilities like Upload file, create and export PDF, and many more but the most important thing is you can save your work in cloud account and that’s the great feature.

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Create password protected PDF file

To create password for pdf file, just open tools and then select protect go to encrypt and Give a password to PDF file. Isn’t it a great tool for secure sharing! Remember one thing, you can constrain access to a PDF by setting passwords and by confining certain highlights, for example, printing and altering. Be that as it may, you can’t counteract sparing duplicates of a PDF. Basically adobe offers types of protections Doc open or user password which allow user to type password for opening documents and a permission password requires a secret key to change authorization settings. Utilizing a consents secret key, you can restrict printing, altering, and replicating content in the PDF. Receivers needn’t bother with a secret key to open the edited pdf but they do require a secret key to change the confinements you’ve set.