Know Your Candidates and Become the Best Recruiter

Know Your Candidates and Become the Best Recruiter
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The contemporary corporate world is governed by the ability of the recruiters to source in efficient candidates by whichever means possible. Currently the recruiters around the world are involved in the rat race to rope in candidates who have proven themselves over the years and are there to survive. Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest Theory still applies for the professional world. Recruitment of a fastrack candidate and a not so convincing one might affect the survival of the business in the longer run. As such it is absolutely essential to have a team in hand who are capable enough to rope in the right candidates for the right positions and help the business flourish in comparison to the competitors as such enhancing the sustainability of the organisation.

In the haste to get better candidates, the easiest possible process governing the current recruitment arena are the agencies and their online recruitment software. With the aid of the applicant tracking software, the companies are not only enriching their database, but also having a readymade pool in hand in case any of their employees has become a prey to the recruitment platform through the hiring software. But even if you are working with the best recruitment software, you need a little bit of knowledge regarding the modern day hacks of sourcing which would help you in optimizing your never ending search for the most deserving candidate.

Here is a sneak peek into what might help you in getting the best result out of the search for candidates who would suffice your need. The requirement from a recruiter’s point of view is to try and get a glimpse of the social media presence of the candidate.

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Get started: – The primary requirement is to see what the candidate is up to in the social media and then gradually find some common space to get started with them. The lone focus is on grabbing the attention of the candidate which would help in providing you with a ground for discussing an opportunity. Mind it you must not discuss the job on social media. The focus must be pin pointed on the opportunity which would help in developing a good interaction as well as a rapport with the candidate.

Platforms like Twitter must be targeted: – Twitter is the easiest space on internet to find out the winners in their perspective fields. The hashtags are an eminent medium to link up with the potential candidates who has already been successful in their domain. What is even more important is the fact that you must never be shy on telling the candidates how you have found them because human psychology suggest that people like to know that their efforts have been appreciated.

Meetup Groups: The new trend: – Targeting candidates personally might be a hectic and time consuming affair. Targeting meetup groups over social media might be an easier option. This provides you with an opportunity to get connected to a group of likeminded and abled people who are prospects who can join you in the future. This would definitely help you by making the search for candidates easier.

Thus, the modern day recruiters need to keep in mind that social media is not only a platform to connect with friend, but it is an essential aid which help you even in connecting with people who are potential candidates who might just turn into the next fastrack employee of your organisation.