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7 Things Creating Negative Effect on the Loading Time of Your Website

7 Things Creating Negative Effect on the Loading Time of Your Website
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Did you know that you could actually be losing money if your website doesn’t load fast enough? That’s because people have short attention spans these days, they’re used to getting things quickly. So if your site doesn’t load quickly enough, they could easily click away and never come back. That could mean a lost potential customer or lost sale for your business. One you won’t get back.

7 Things Creating Negative Effect on the Loading Time of Your Website

That’s why page loading speeds are still hugely important. There are a number of things that could affect the load speeds of your web site. Let’s have a look at them:

Too many images

While images can add some great touches to your site, too many of them could really slow things down. Make sure you select and compress images appropriately so that they’re always working for rather than against your website. Some of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore can help optimize your site so that it loads quickly and makes you the most money.

Cheap hosting

Some cheap hosting services are great, but not all of them are. Your hosting could dramatically affect how quickly your site loads. Some cheap hosts simply don’t have the infrastructure to serve pages quickly, so shop around before you opt for one. Make sure your host is working for you rather than against you.

Non-cached pages

There are a number of caching services that can help store some of your pages so that they load quickly for visitors. You might want to consider one of them so that your pages load quickly enough. Make sure the right parts of your site, particularly the main page, are easy to cache for fast loading purposes.

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Too many pop-ups

Pop-ups can sometimes be a good way of grabbing people’s attention and hopefully driving more sales—but too many of them is a big no-no. Not only can too many pop-ups be really off-putting for visitors, but they’re also another thing that could slow down your website dramatically. Make sure you’ve got quick-loading popups and you haven’t got too many of them.

Too much text

The text doesn’t normally take too long to load, as it isn’t normally big enough to cause a problem, but if you’ve got so much text that separate pages are created or posts become slides, then this could slow things down quite a lot. It’s probably a good idea to optimize the rest of the things in this article first, but too much text could be an issue in some circumstances.

Not mobile-optimized

Your site could be loading slowly on mobile browsers because it hasn’t got them in mind. Loads more people are using their phones to browse the internet these days so it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve tested your page fully on a range of different devices.

Too many plug-ins

Plug-ins for WordPress and other platforms can be great additions to your pages, but they can also slow them down. Especially if you’ve got too many. Pick your plugins carefully and make sure you’ve got ones that don’t slow your site down, especially on mobile.