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Make Creative Christmas Gifts Using Online Tools

Make Creative Christmas Gifts Using Online Tools
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Are you looking for an inexpensive Christmas gift? Surely, there are so many presents you need to buy: to your family, friends, and to your co-workers if you play Secret Santa at work. It would be nice to give something original, but still useful. And while you are contemplating, the time is running. You start to lose hope and become more and more desperate. Don’t despair, today we will show you how to make DIY Christmas gifts that will bring a smile to whoever receives a present.

Make a photo album online for free

Christmas is that time of the year when we sum up all our adventures, successes, failures and enjoy bringing our pleasant memories back. Therefore, isn’t it nice to give your family or friends those special memories that will always remind them how great was 2016 year? Of course, it is.

Then, you should definitely check out MyAlbum and make an innovative, picturesque story. This free online tool allows you to create beautiful and charming albums. It can be shared by email and via social outlets or printed as a photo book. Just upload photos, videos and add the text and let MyAlbum do its magic.

Memories are one of the most valuable things we have, so help your dear persons to relive them again.

Make unique calendars for 2017

If you play Secret Santa at work, then you are aware how difficult it is to find a right present for your colleagues, a gift that is practical, but funny at the same time. Look no more!

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Everybody needs a calendar for a new year, but make it extraordinary by making it by yourself. Calendarlabs, a free online tool, will be of great help. Customize your calendar by adding beautiful images or witty text. In this way, you can make your present more personal. In the end, simply print it.

Be creative, play with various options and make an original gift that will make your co-workers day.

Make a pop art family portrait like a Picasso

What to present to your family members who already have all? Over the years you gave them so many gifts that now you have a very limited choice. That’s why we have an awesome suggestion for you.

Use PicMonkey tool and make a pop art family portrait. It probably seems that this overcomes your Photoshop skills, but actually, it’s a child’s play. Just follow this tutorial which will guide you through and give you some ideas. Use your imagination and play with different options. Who said that buying present has to be an exhausting activity?

As a final result, you’ll have present with emotional value that will wow your family.

Make Christmas cards for free

Last but not the least, the final touch to every Christmas – cards. Whether you are more traditional and prefer paper Christmas cards or you are a digital person who loves e-cards, it’s always better to make them instead of buying them.

With Canva you’ll make gorgeous Christmas cards that everybody will love them. It is possible to use already existing templates and add your elements or to make a completely new Christmas card from scratch. There are many Christmas graphical elements, but you can always upload your images.

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Remember it’s allowed to exaggerate with decorations, it’s Christmas!

Note:  Some of these gifts can be in the form of hefty PDFs since they contain plenty of pictures. In order to send them via email and make them operative, you’ll need to reduce their size.
If you are a desktop user you can use Smallpdf to do that or if you are an iPad user, it’s possible to use Compress PDF app.

Now get down to business and make amazing Christmas presents!