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How to Make Money Through Selling Apps Online?

How to Make Money Through Selling Apps Online?
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Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives today. These phones come with several apps to enhance the experience for the user and in return make money. There’s a lot of money you can earn through making apps. Building apps is a challenging task and you’ll be rewarded for your effort. This article will tell you how to make money through apps and become an earner.

Build demo version and paid apps

The aim to create a demo version app is to attract huge number of users and provide them an opportunity to use the app and if they like the app they’re likely to upgrade the app to the paid version. Have a paid version of your app which isn’t available for free version. The method is to create free version with ads and paid version with all ads removed.

Deliver unique content

One effective way to succeed in the mobile world is to deliver unique content unlike available anywhere. This will be accomplished when you have the necessary knowledge and expertise in the field that could benefit the app development. The content you create should be real and authentic so that people can get access to something that’s not seen everywhere.

Keep your app up to date

Keeping your app updated is an important thing to do. Releasing a new updated version of an app keeps the user waiting and prompt them to try out new release and shows the app is updated on regular basis. Whenever there’s an update on the app the user gets notification and it will enable them to start using the update.

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You should also check the feedback and reviews whether the users would like to see any improvement that can improve their experience.

Build more than one app

You can make money by creating an app. However, if you want to make a lot of money you should create more than just one app. You can build apps for free and multiply the success of your apps. Making numerous apps can increase the chance of your earning and out of several apps at least one can bring you success. Remember to create a quality app not just an average app as you are creating your reputation at the same time. It might take a lot of effort to make more than one app and maintain it regularly but it’s worth considering.

Cross promote your app

One effective way of advertise your app and increase the number of installs is to cross promote your app. In case you want to monetize the app you can opt for this option. Or you can post ads on your apps, house ads are another way of to promote your app. The most effective way is to include a direct link to the market page and promote the app.

Top 6 Websites to Sell App

Given here top 6 websites where you can sell your apps and scripts free of cost.

  • appbackr.com– You can sell mobile apps through this website.
  • appsplit.com– This website provides an easy interface to sell different type of apps.
  • apptopia.com– Sellers can sell their app while buyers can buy from this website.
  • binpress.com– This website allows scripts and apps selling.
  • sellmyapp.com– mobile apps selling website with high traffic
  • sellmyapplication.com– You can make money online by selling apps on this shop.
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Author Bio: Marko S. Anthony is an iOS developer at a leading iPhone App Development Company in Singapore.