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Most Useful and Fast Web Browser for 2016

Most Useful and Fast Web Browser for 2016
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Today I am going to present Most Useful and Fast Web Browser for 2016 in front of you. Hopefully, you will like it.

Software Name: Torch Web Browser

Size Less then 2MB

This is just like Google Chrome but its functionality is more advanced than chrome. The special thing about it is that you have no need to install a video downloaded like Internet Download manger and nor torrent downloader like bit-torrent is needed. Because this browser not only can be used for internet surfing but also videos and torrents can be downloaded.

Also this browser doesn’t counts a lot for ram and storage memory of your PC or laptop and just uses the space as for Google Chrome. The reason is that it is actually a minor modification of Google Chrome therefore, it can be considered as a good replacement.

How Browser Works?

When you install this browser, it starts like Google Chrome and the home page will be like this;

torch browser

You can download videos and torrent from here.

torch browser 2

torch browser3

Download Torch Browser

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