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MultCloud – Multiple Clouds Management Tool

MultCloud – Multiple Clouds Management Tool
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Why need MultCloud?

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of cloud drives in the world, such as public cloud services Dropbox, Google Drive and private cloud services like ownCloud. At first, people are interested in them so that they registered large numbers of accounts, installed many clients on their devices. Then troubles came, the free and small volume cloud drive are full of data, they plan to transfer them to a bigger one or migrate files in one place. Of course, there are more than one reasons users will move files across different clouds.

To complete the task easily, we need a tool called MultCloud. If you download cloud files to local hard disk then re-upload to another cloud storage, this way is stupid. MultCloud is a centralized management for multiple cloud services, which supports up to more than 30 services now. Besides traditional cloud drives such as Box, OneDrive, MultCloud also supports FTP/STFP, Flickr, MySQL, WebDav and so on. Choose a host you can refer to here: TOP 10 Web hosting companies in 2018.

Knowledge of MultCloud

MultCloud is a web-based app. On its homepage, you can create an account freely or experience it first without signing up. If you feel good after trying, we suggest you change to your email, thus you own this account.multi cloud

Enter in MultCloud, start to add cloud drives. It is no limited to quantities of clouds neither same brand or not.multi cloud

Next, you will see amazing functions of MultCloud. Right click a file, there are many options just like in Windows Explorer. Choose copy&paste, you can transfer files between Dropbox and Google Drive. A more direct way is dragging&dropping. Upload and Share are powerful too. You are able to upload URL in MultCloud, you will get the target file in cloud at the end, MultCloud has converting feature. On the left list, except clouds, there is a share management center. Users could do many types of sharing work, for example, you can make a sharing link then send it to your friends, and he can download the file without registration. MultCloud is a simple tool for a group people to use.multi cloud

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One of the most important features in MultCloud is transferring. Details can be found in the “Cloud Transfer”. In this interface, you can set more professional transformation task. For example, overwritten or filter some files when transferring, notify by email after transferring, commit transfer immediately or schedule later.multi cloud

Another usage of MultCloud is sync, there is a Cloud Sync window near Cloud Transfer. After setting, you are able to move the files in the folder to the target folder. Thus, two cloud drives’s files are the same. MultCloud has eight sync ways: the default is simple sync one way, others are mirror sync, move sync, cumulative sync, update sync, incremental backup sync, full backup sync and two-way sync.multi cloud


In MultCloud, you can preview some pictures or documents, it is absolutely a great multiple clouds manager. The security of MultCloud is very high. MultCloud is a platform as a middle-man. Move files between cloud storage is very easy under the help of it. MultCloud won’t save your data and password, the authorization system is based on OAuth, you can be rest assured.