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Negative Impacts of Technology Use in Education

Negative Impacts of Technology Use in Education
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Nowadays, the crucial role of technology in different aspects of life is evident. Everywhere we turn, technology is in play. For example, there is a lot of technology use in the education sector. Proponents of technological adoption in the educational sector note that it has played a significant role in improving the status of education in different parts of the world. However, those opposed to the idea note that technological adoption in the field of education, which includes hi-tech mechanization, is a literal hindrance to effective learning in schools. In light of this, many learners rely on technology to complete their assignments as opposed to the use of their brain to enhance the thought process. The use of technology in the classroom thus remains a controversial debate.

What are some of the consequences of using technology in the classroom?

Considerably, the debate on technology adoption in the education sector does not seem to end any time soon. Everyone is pulling to their sides: for teachers, it makes it easy to teach although at times it can be annoying when it distracts learners. For learners, it is the best thing that ever happened in their studies –finding answers and help online has never been this easy. The learners can use various sites such as https://essaysreviewer.com to query for reviews on some custom writing companies before seeking help from them whenever they do not have the time to do the assignments themselves. Nevertheless, here are some of the negative consequences of technology use that every stakeholder in education should consider:

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Technological use in the classroom is distractive

With the increase in the popularity of social media, there is no doubt that learners will tend to be tempted to check into their social networking sites often and hence, lose the intention of using laptops and tablets in schools. If not properly checked, the use of technology in the classroom can significantly affect the performance of learners.

Poor guidance from the content is available online

Every website owner is nowadays struggling to rank their sites high in major search engines. With such a goal, they put a lot of emphasis on SEO as opposed to the quality of content that site visitors needed. As a result, learners have a high chance to access the content of poor quality online since the majority of sites only copy and paste content without caring about is originality.

Time wastage

Technological applications and devices used in the classroom depend on the human skill implying that at times, they may come with errors. In addition, other issues such as connectivity problems and server errors can interfere greatly with the set learning schedule.

Learners become lazy

Nowadays, it is hard for any learner to use their brains to think about a given subject without rushing online to find answers. Technology is leading to the emergence of poor learning habits, as learners have to rely extensively on computers. In addition, learners are losing their grip in grammar since technology provides some applications for proofreading and editing grammar mistakes, which makes it hard for them to master the correct spelling of certain words.

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Debate Goes On

No one can deny the fact that technology is slowly catching up with every aspect of human life. While there are so many benefits that come with the use of technology in the field of education, it is not possible to overlook the associated consequences such as it being a distraction, leading to waste of time, and confusion of learners, among others. However, it is important for the stakeholders in the education sector to consider the implementation of measures that effectively address the devastating impacts of technology in education.