Online Video Editing for Everyone | FlexClip Video Creator Review

Online Video Editing for Everyone | FlexClip Video Creator Review
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If you’re a business owner and you don’t have someone who can help you manage your brand’s social media accounts, you’ll be able to get things done. Business owners, especially in the entertainment industry, spend considerable time preparing interactive videos that will help to uncover their products or activities.

Right now, installing software on the computer operating system for daily use seems to be obsolete. All specialized software is “Onlineized” into a web platform, making it more convenient for users to use and without having to spend time installing heavy professional software applications.

Want to transform a series of photos into animated slideshows or combine two or more video clips to make a film? Today you can create and edit videos in minutes, no application required but a website. FlexClip is one of the websites that offer online video creation service without having to install an application and, above all, without a cost.

Highlighted features available in FlexClip

– Free and easy to use

– Many handpicked text animations

– Drag-and-drop tools: trim, split, zoom, add text, upload music, add a voiceover, etc.

– Real-time preview

– HD video output

How to use FlexClip?

To start, you just have to register with an email address or directly via your Facebook or Google account. After that, you immediately arrive on the page from which you can create your first project.

On the editing page, you have the choice between inserting a video, a photo or a colored background.

If you upload a video, you can even cut it before integrating it. Being a photo or colored background, you can choose the duration of its exposure, default 3 seconds. Each element is displayed as you add it. You have, of course, all the time to change the order by simply drag and drop.

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Of course, you can put a title to your video and illustrate it with a soundtrack or voiceover. The titles are well done with a small library allowing you to test different styles with cool animations. On these titles, it is also possible to upload your own logo which can be useful for a blog or website like techbreath.net or even for a small corporate. Moreover, it is also possible to upload your watermark on the whole video.

Once finished, you export your video in the MP4 format. You can choose from 3 resolutions: 480p, 720p or 1080p. The video is saved in your Downloads folder.
Besides the HD export, you can directly save your work online, so you can come back to work on it anytime; very convenient. An overview of your work in progress is also available, so you see if it suits you before exporting.


Most users now use professional video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Proshow Producer or Sony Vegas Pro, etc. However, those applications are heavy and difficult to use and must be installed. So the solution for those who do not specialize in video making is to use the online video editing tool.

FlexClip is therefore a good online service to keep under the elbow for quick and easy editing of videos! It offers equally convenient and professional online video editing tools to help you cut videos, add text and sounds, etc. If you are looking for a tool to make some amazing videos for free, FlexClip is a very good tool.

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For now, the tool does not have many options, but it still makes it very easy to make editing in HD quality with exports in 480, 720p and 1080p.