Samsung Launches 88 Inch Monster TV
It looks like Samsung likes to launch big screen  TVs. Earlier, Samsung announced to make 49-inch monitors for gamers and now the company has introduced a smart TV with a 88-inch display. Ultra-wide screen as well as Q9 TV has a slim QLED panel, due to which TV pixels will be the same for 10… (0 comment)

Fire Alarm Systems – Things you need to know
When a fire breaks out at your premises, you might not be in a condition to figure out the main reasons of the calamity. The situation would be even more disastrous if you are out for shopping or probably asleep. No fire detection system would be perilous for your place. You need to choose a… (0 comment)

Google Will Teach Online Skills to One Million People of Africa
The International Search Engine (Google) will teach online skills to one million people of the continental Africa. Alphabet International Google’s Chief Executive “Sundar Pichai” said while addressing a press conference in Nigeria’s capital Lagos that their organization will train online skills to develop one million African children in Africa, including 40 percent of the women… (0 comment)

Top 10 Tricks for Android Mobile You Did Not Know
The top 10 of the tricks all beasts that will allow you to take control a little better your Android smartphone. So of course it all depends on the model of your phone and especially your version of Android, but we made sure to tell you in the top which versions were concerned by what tips. If… (0 comment)