[Infographic] The Ultimate Visual Content Recipe
Everybody is looking for new and original ways to promote their brand – to create something that appeals to local, national and international markets. Even the smallest coffee shop on the corner is conscious of their place on the global platform that is the internet. The impact that this has had on marketing is immeasurable.… (0 comment)

FPSC Jobs for Lecturers in 2017
Like PPSC, FPSC has also announced Jobs for Lecturers in 2017. These posts will be filled in federal Area Islamabad and also federally administrative areas. The latest Advertisement of FPSC Jobs July 2017 for Lecturers, Assistant Professors Vacancies / Positions — Assistant Professors( male ) for Mathematics Biology Physics Chemistry — Lecturers / Instructors Chemistry… (0 comment)

Tips for PPSC Biology & Botany Test for Lecturer Jobs
For all those members who are intended to appear in ppsc exam for biology and botany. Tips for PPSC Biology & Botany Test for Lecturer Jobs by Tech Breath are given below; 1, You are applicable for the posts of biology and botany. 2,To ease your preparations be synchronized i.e start from viruses, bacteria,algae, fungi.bryophytes, pteridophytes,… (0 comment)

Top 29 Question & Answers about PPSC Lecturer Jobs
Question 1: Is it necessary to get NOC before applying? Answer: NOC is only needed for only those candidates who are doing a Government job and that job starts before the last date of application submission. Question 2: Is it true that only those candidates will be selected that have first division? Answer: No, anyone… (2 comments)

The OPPO F3 Black Edition Won the Hearts of the Artists
Mobile company OPPO’s F3 black cellular exchange phone has already made its strongest place in consumers’ heart. Now this phone has made his place in the hearts of famous artists and celebrities from Pakistani film & drama industry. They not only like it’s amazing features but its beauty and dual cellular cameras is worth to… (0 comment)

DRAMA INDUSTRY of Geo TV in 2017
Now a day, dramas, soaps and serials are very popular around the globe with respect to entertainment. Turkey, Pakistan, India, china, America and Iran etc are investing a large amount on dramas and as a result they are gaining profit which is growing day by day. In other words, drama production is prospering by leaps… (0 comment)

کی کہانی لوگوں کی زبانی-شرمناک انکشافاتMEAs School Checkers
————– کی کہانی لوگوں کی زبانی-شرمناک انکشافاتMEAs لڑکیاں ضرور پڑھیں پس منظر                 بچوں کو تعلیم دینا بلا شبہ ایک مقدس پیشہ ہے جس کی کڑیاں انبیاء اور علما سے جا ملتی ہیں ۔جنہوں سے سختیاں اور تکالیف برداشت کیں مگر اس مقدس عمل کر ترک نہ کیا۔اساتذہ کرام کو اس بات کا پورا احساس… (0 comment)