Secret Revealed: How to Earn Money Through freelancing?
With a high-competition, the world of online freelancing seems a challenging place. There are too many professional writers and developers striving hard to earn a large amount of money. So, how will you survive and get the right work? Being a newbie freelancer, you must understand that there is no “right” or “proven” answer for… (0 comment)

Samsung Introduced a New Line of QLED TV in Pakistan
Samsung Electronics introduced a new lineup of Samsung QLED TV in a function organized in Lahore 2 days before. This new line of QLED TV is highly up-to-date with its quality resolution which will make users feel free to experience this product which they have never seen before. This new line of Samsung is equipped… (0 comment)

People Can Share Stories and Photos on Google Earth
Google Earth is the most favorite program. From school children to older people they use it to see different places. That’s why Google has planned to do this program some social. Google Earth users will now make fading satellite images better than their text, photographs and videos. Google Earth director “Rebecca Moore” quoted during a… (0 comment)

Why is SEO so Beneficial for Your Business?
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most effective way to attract the customers to the website. A business owner, who has a website of his own, can make the best use of search engine optimization to get the best quality traffic for their website. SEO in the clearer team is defined as a process… (0 comment)

Facebook Messenger is Ready to Fill With Ads
The Facebook messenger is ready to fill with advertisement but these ads will not appear during the chat with friends, they will be appearing in the inbox. Facebook has recently announced worldwide introduction of advertisements in its Messenger app, which have been planning for almost two and a half years. According to the foreign news… (0 comment)

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Shopify
Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that helps business owners to setup their own e-commerce websites and sell products without much hassle. It is easy to use and builds clean and professional looking e-commerce websites. It allows people with zero background in e-commerce or web development to setup shop with much ease. There are however,… (0 comment)

Scope of Up Coming Web Technologies in Next Couple of Years
Web technology is the organization and utilizations of mechanisms that allows different computers to correspond and distribute resources. Web technology is all about the techniques that enable computers to communicate with each other by way of markup languages and multimedia packages. Web technologies are infrastructural elements of any computer network that are effective including Local… (1 comment)

Hidden Features of Android OS
If you are not a big fan of the Android OS (operating system), most probably you are not aware of some of its thrilling features. Android phones have reached the top of smartphone market share with its user base growing with each passing day. In this article, we have shared some hidden features and tricks… (0 comment)

Who is Who and What is What of Pakistan in Latest 2017
Chairman Senate: Raza Rabbani PPP Deputy Chairman: Abdul Ghafoor Hayderi JUIF Leader of House of Senate: Raja Zafar ul Haq PMLN Leader of Opposition of Senate: Aitzaz Ahsan PPP Leader of Opposition: Khurshid Shah PPP Speaker National Assembly: Ayaz Sadiq (Re assumed the office on November 09-2015 by securing 268 votes) Deputy Speaker: Murtaza Javed… (0 comment)