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How I get penalty from the Google in 2019? How to Recover!

How I get penalty from the Google in 2019? How to Recover!
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If you gets tired of google’s penalty in a every month and your all the sites got down in Google search than it is the best Guide for you to recover your site from google’s penalty.

My Name is Anas Akram an SEO Expert and more leaner. Today I will show you my real Case study that how i recover my Website from the Google Penalty in a few weeks.

As a newbie in SEO I made my first website and do some SEO. First i learnt alot from the internet and read all the NeilPatel and Backlinko articles for learning the SEO. Because of newbie i made a lot of posts in a single day and with the posts I made a lot of backlinks.

You know what to do after it?. My website got BooM! in a few days and get the first position. It was a BlackHatSEO which I was not know. My Website just crossed a 2K Visitors per day with a low contents. I did not focus on my website content. I just focused on the backlinks and number of posts!

I was shocked that SEO is a great! With only backlinks, My site got rank. But I was wrong. I didn’t understand the hole prosiger. I was just focused on the Onpage SEO not on the Onpage SEO. I think keep in your mind.

Your Site will be rank for a long-term, If you do Onpage SEO properly.

So learn the Onpage SEO first. If you do the proper On-page SEO on your Site you will never get penalty from the Google anymore. So i just want to say that you need learn Onpage SEO Completely.

If you do only Off-Page SEO without On-page SEO and Content, You Site will Down one Day in Google!

Seriously! you can’t know the power of On-page SEO. If you have content, No one will defeat you even Google! Here is one of the live Website as a case study.

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Content is King!

This is what i have learn’t from the penalty that i have faced yesterday. My Website did not have any content. In every post, I used to past the same content with the 200 words that was completely wrong. If you write a same content in your every post your content will be considered copyright. So avoid it.

I made a lot of backlinks with the no content in the posts. My website total posts was about to 1,000 with the same content. Below are the Live ScreenShot of my Website which i got penalty from google.

See my website got hit by the google. Google hit my website and I lost my too much keywords and obviously i also lost my traffic. My traffic got down from 2K visitors to 500 visitors per day.

Second thing which i want to tell you that you should avoid to get the number of backlinks from a single domain. I prefer you to get the 2-3 backlinks from a single site. If you got the only one backlink from one website than no issue. Google loves it!

See another reason for getting down my website in google is that I made a lot of backlinks around 900K from only 121 domains which is completely wrong, and surely this website got hit by google because of this.

Third thing which I want to tell you that you have to focused fully on your “Anchor text” ratio. Some peoples including me made the anchor text with their keywords while making a website. Let me clear you that it is completely wrong in the eyes of google. Google hate this! You need to set the ratio of your anchor text.

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I prefer you to avoid the anchor text with your exact match keyword. For example: i have targeted a keyword “Shoes for Women” (Just Supposing). I have made a post in my website in the name of  “Best Shoes for Women. So my target exact match keyword is “Shoes for Women”.

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Now i made the backlinks of this post. I made the backlink with anchor text “Shoes for Women“. Right!. So this is the Biggest mistake that your have ever doing. You need to set your anchor text ratio. If you keep your anchor text ratio normal. Google will love your website! See the percentage of anchor text ratios which you should really follow.

If you like my post! Share it with your friends, and if you have any questions regarding this post or any SEO related than comment the below. I will surely replay you as soon as possible.

As a newbie, i have shared my knowledge completely. If you really like my post. Then leave a comment to support me. I will post on SEO tips on daily basis.

Author Bio: M Anas Akram is the Owner of Hustle Castle APK