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People Can Share Stories and Photos on Google Earth

People Can Share Stories and Photos on Google Earth
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Google Earth is the most favorite program. From school children to older people they use it to see different places.

That’s why Google has planned to do this program some social. Google Earth users will now make fading satellite images better than their text, photographs and videos.

Google Earth director “Rebecca Moore” quoted during a ceremony in Brazil that the people will share their family history on Google Earth, trip information, and everything else.

Google intends that it will introduce its small scale experience in Google Earth so they will keep experiencing more improved features in next few years.

For this Google has made a team of a lot of people, who will share stores on Google Earth.

According to Rebecca Google does not intend to gain any financial benefits from this service. He said Google Earth is our gift for the world.

He added that Google is earning good amount of money from advertisements and everything is not money for Google. On Google earth the stories can be shared private or public.

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