PPSC Announced Lecturers Test Schedule – Read Pre-Test Tips Here

PPSC Announced Lecturers Test Schedule – Read Pre-Test Tips Here
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These lecturers jobs came after a long time and everybody was waiting for them, therefore lot of people have applied for them.

Now PPSC is taking the test for them and you already know that test are being conducted for Professors and assistant professors on this weekend e.g. 22 July 2017.

Now the next turn is for Lecturers whose test will start from end of July and will end upto the first week of August.

You can download the PPSC Lecturers Test Admission Letters here.

So PPSC lecturers Test Schedule is given below;

Subject Date Subject Date
English. . 6Aug Math 30july
Physics. 6aug Islamic Studies .12aug
Chemistry. 30jul Physical Edu 6aug
Computer Science 29july History 29aug
Economics. 4aug Arabic 13aug
Biology. 29jul Persian 3aug
Statistics. 5aug Geography 3aug
Zoology. 13aug Punjabi 3aug
Botany. 5aug Education 5aug
Urdu 12aug Sociology 3aug
Pakistan Studies. 5aug Saraiki 3aug
Civics. 4aug Philosophy 6aug
Phycology. 13aug Social work 3aug
Library Science .30july Journalism 30july


So given here some PPSC Pre-Test Tips;

ppsc pre test tips

ppsc tips

pps pre test tips

These test tips are taken from this FACEBOOK Page.

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