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Practical Tips for Making Instagram Stories Drive Engagement for Your Brand

Practical Tips for Making Instagram Stories Drive Engagement for Your Brand
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Ever since its launch Instagram Stories has met with an unmatched level of success. Easy to create, the photos and videos can prove to be a very effective tool for driving engagement with followers, sharing the high spots of your life with friends, and build lasting connections with other users. However, badly-constructed Stories can be quite confusing and annoying to people who will get completely turned off. Some practical tips on making your Instagram Stories more appealing and catch the attention despite the clutter:

About Instagram Stories

For those who don’t know the concept of Instagram Stories, it comprises a sequence of photos and videos that followers can see only for 24 hours, after which it disappears. It is typically used to provide information on the brand promotion, tell the behind-the-scene-story of an engaging post or even a fun way of sharing something that does not warrant a full-fledged post.

Be a Stickler for Quality

Even though Instagram Stories are more casual than the conventional posts and you can often use photos and videos that are unedited, you should not make the mistake of uploading content that is of low quality as that detracts from the entire point of posting them for driving engagement. If you are using voiceovers, they should not get terminated in the middle of the sentence and any text being used should be readable and not too long. Even though Instagram does not restrict the length of the Story, you should never exceed two or three minutes as anything longer will invariably make people switch off.

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Always Lend a Context to Your Story

It is vital that you give a context that will help users to appreciate the Story; however, explanations should not be too long. Use stickers to add useful information like the location, the people you are with, a time stamp or a hashtag that’s appropriate. Your Story will make more sense if you additionally include a couple of sentences as a narrative. If you want to increase the number of likes that your Story gets, you can take advantage of social media marketing agencies like Stormlikes.

Get Viewers Invested by Asking Questions

One of the easiest ways of driving follower engagement is to ask your followers to give feedback of express their opinions on a matter of common interest. Instagram allows users to create a poll with a very simple process. Choose the ‘Poll’ sticker, input the question and enter the two options from which the follower can choose. The poll percentages get updated on a real-time basis as people participate. Another way is to offer a slider sticker. Both the question and the sticker can be customized and the user is allowed to drag the slider to the reaction intensity he wants to show.


Instagram Stories is a very powerful tool for driving engagement; however, it has to be done in the right way to promote user interaction and interest. It is important to monitor the engagement and adjust the strategy as well as the content till the desired level of engagement is achieved.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer from stormlikes.