Pro Guide on How to Connect ps4 to Your Gaming Chair

Pro Guide on How to Connect ps4 to Your Gaming Chair
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Now that you have that new VERT GEAR S-LINE SL400 or any other gaming chair, there’s no telling how excited you feel. Well, before you let the excitement set it; you need to do one more essential thing. It’s time to connect ps4 to gaming chair. The purchase itself might not have been that complicated. But things get a bit confusing here. Well, at least for most people. If you are stuck in the confusion, don’t panic yet. You only need to keep reading to find out what to do.

Is it that important?

Perhaps the first thing you should understanding before you connect ps4 to gaming chair is whether it is necessary at all. Thankfully, these chairs come with a hoard of features worth checking out. Some come with surround sound speakers, others have vibration motors, and then there’s the system compatibility.  Other chairs have features for plugging in your headset. And you will be able to charge the controller right from there. With that done and out of the way, you can now focus on getting your ps4 connected to your chair.

Different types

One exciting thing about these chairs is that they come in different types and designs. Some feature wired while others have Bluetooth connectivity options. So the best thing to do is first identify the type you’ve got. More importantly, it is wise to select the chair according to the type of your console right off the bat. Nevertheless, keep in mind that in both cases, you will have to plug the chair into an AC power outlet for it to work.

Now, onto connecting your chair and ps4

Without much ado, let’s get started with the connection of your ps4. The first and easiest way to start is checking the manual. But you can as well get some great information on the manufacturer’s website as well. Most of the manufacturers illustrate either on their website or on the manual every step necessary in connecting the two.

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One thing you have to understand is that virtually all these chairs connect to a monitor or TV audio. Hence, you will need an RCA connection to connect ps4 to gaming chair. Sometimes you might not have this essential feature, but you can still get the job done.

In this case, you will need an HDMI connection. The only problem with the HDMI option is that you will still need an HDMI converter. But thankfully enough, there is a variety of these converters out there.   These include AGPtek HDMI to an HDMI and a SPDIF and an RCA.

Better yet, this will depend with the chair you want to connect to your ps4. And some of these consoles come with an HDMI cable that you can use for video as well as audio. Mostly, they also pack in some digital audio output that you can use to connect ps4 to gaming chair and directly onto your TV.

The sound is crucial

Talking of connecting your ps4 to your chair, the sound is the first thing that you should consider. Whichever type of chair or ps4 you are using, it all comes down to one thing. You will need to get the sound directly from the source to where you are sitting.

What to plug in, where to plug it

To connect ps4 to gaming chair, you will have a considerable number of connections to do. When connecting to your gaming system you will definitely need an AV/ component. But if you have a standard RCA cable, then that one will do the trick too.

Fortunately, these cables work well with those that come with these chairs. The other cables that come in handy are HDMI ones. With those, you will have an easy time hooking up your ps4 to the chair. The only downside is that HDMI cables might not work as expected with your RCA ones. And if the idea of a converter doesn’t sound exciting for you, then this won’t be the best option. 

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Step by step guide to connect ps4 to the gaming chair

To begin with, select the source of the sound that you intend to use. The next step is about connecting your green end of the audio cables in the transmitter jack. Then attach the other side of the cable into your audio source. Set the frequency on your transmitter until it matches with the one on your chair. Now, turn on both the chair and the transmitter. If you are using the standard RCA or an AV component, this is what to do. Start by disconnecting those red and white cables from your TV output. Next, connect them to B adapters, preferably in a female-to-female single tube connection. Then connect B6 cables to the adapters’ ends – attach the green male end of the B6 to the transmitter’s input section.

Now, power your transmitter and then the chair. The journey to connect ps4 to gaming chair doesn’t have to be a backbreaking feat. All it takes is to understand what counts. With that in mind, concentrate on following these simple steps. With those simple steps, you can get your console and the chair connected in a matter of minutes. Remember, however, that this process is not as easy and straightforward as it might seem at first.

If you think it is a bit too complicated for you, consider revisiting the provided manual for help. But for anyone used to this kind of tasks, this can be a rather easy task to pull off. The fun doesn’t get better than when you have your chair and system connected. Take the action to a whole new level.