Ray Rice’s Analysis of Kareem Hunt’s Incriminating Video

Ray Rice’s Analysis of Kareem Hunt’s Incriminating Video
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Ray Rice had read about the particular situation which surrounds the former running back of the Chiefs, Kareem Hunt. He had seen the video, and his initial response was similar to that of everyone else’s. He felt looking it that there were certain similarities between what happened there with his situation. He described how he had publicly stated the remorse which he feels for people who survived domestic violence and that there are certain split-second decisions to be made and the experience of Hunt could be seen as a tool for learning a lesson.

Rice had also stated that he would be willing to communicate with the hunt on this particular issue if Hunt was comfortable in initiating the discussion. He said that he would try and help him in figuring out the manner in which he can start to deal with these situations along with all the various problems plaguing his life. He feels that this moment will be a crucial moment for the rest of his life and must not define him as a person. Rice feels that Hunt needs to lead a long and healthy life with this incident not occupying his mind.

Video proof surfaces

The video which surfaced on the internet revealed that Hunt was assaulting a woman and shoving and kicking her although he had previously denied this to his team. He got placed in the Reserved list first and then on the waiver. Rice also got initially suspended in 2014 and later released because he had punched his wife in Atlantic City and Rice could never play any further.

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After that incident, Rice had taken full control of his life, and he understood that he would have to provide for his children and wife. He figured out with his wife how their future should be. Today, Rice feels that the pressure from him is gone with the NFL limelight not being on him anymore. But he has decided to dedicate his life to ensure that other people do not make the incorrect decisions which he had taken. Rice has spoken to several football teams from Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Notre Dame, and other top institutions. He also speaks in seminars and programs organized for NFL rookies. He has also worked for several organizations. Rice maintains that his current work satisfies him a lot and that it has been quite humbling as an experience for him. He is happy to speak in various colleges and with different teams to tell them about their life story and not make any excuses in the process.

Rice feels that he can help Hunt who had assaulted the lady in the video and ask him to ponder upon the question as to how he could have gone into that position and work that out.

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Rice feels that Hunt needs to channelize his emotions in a better way and with time he will improve.