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The Real Impact of Social Media on the Education System

The Real Impact of Social Media on the Education System
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We all know that the invention of social media and social network has changed our lifestyle completely. Not only youngsters but also al age groups are deeply influenced and attracted by this social media networking.

More than 90%of people use social media as a medium of communications. In the olden day’s people used telephones and letter writing process to develop communications but now people have a different source to communicate and it’s beyond boundaries. Students use social media to share their thoughts opinions and also knowledge. Social media mainly and deeply influenced educational institutions. It really helped to enhance the learning and communication process.

In the past, people didn’t have many sources to collect information and knowledge they mainly depended on libraries but now they have browsers and other educational apps which are really useful. At first teachers and parents had some kind of dissatisfaction in using technological devices in classrooms and in educational institutions. Because it may indirectly divert their mind from learning to entertainment so it needed time to accept such developed and reformed thoughts. Ones they are used and preceded then they understood its positivity in the classroom and also in educational institutions. Now our educational institutions are well developed and smart classrooms are developed.

Social media is not only used in the communication process but also helpful in enhancing learning skills of the students. Social media which includes face book, twitter, YouTube, email, whatsApp, which are used to entertainment but social media, also includes applications which are useful to the students learning, videos related to studies so we can’t say that social media have negative effect on education but at the same time it has a positive effect on education.

Share and collect information

If students have doubt on particular topic r that don’t have many materials about particular lessons without wasting time they can search it I social media with the help of web browser and search in it. They can also share the information’s from one place to another. It easy and within a minute you can collect pieces of information. If they want to join a particular school or universities to continue their learning process they can collect information’s related to particular schools and colleges. Now every schools and college have particular websites students don’t have to go to collect information’s they can search it by using social media and collect all information’s related to college and faculty members. so it’s time consuming and easy one.

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Training sessions to teachers

Social media is not only for entertainment it can be used in different ways. When new technological devices are developed and used in the classroom and colleges that time teachers should also be able to operate and use that technology effectively. So teachers should be well trained in the technological field for that teachers will be assigned to training and have to that particular place. But after the inventions and developments of social media teacher get training sessions in online it. By using technological devices they will get the idea and will help the teachers to operate it. So it’s useful not only for students but also helps teachers to make their teaching process effectively.

Students become expert in the technological field

When students use social media and technological devices for learning and entertainment they become expert in operating the devices. We know that more than 90%of students spend too much time on social media and automatically they become expert in it. Future is filled with competition and everyone should know the technological language. The upcoming era is modern and technological era so every individual should know the computer skills and it will help the students to achieve what they want in life. In every field, whether it is business economical educational scientific so on in every field technological devices are very important and every individual must pose the technical skills.

Encourages creative thoughts

Social media really helps each and every individual to develop their creative ideas and skills. They can post share and ideas with the help of social media. And they will get instant feedback about their ideas and thoughts. If they get likes and positive reply from family and friends it will encourage their creative thoughts. They can create their own blogs and invite their friends which will boost their confidence and help the students to improvise their artistic ability.

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Distance learning

Education is not limited to any numbers or limited to a particular age. Through the inventions of social media and the developing educational applications, it encourages distance learning system. One can learn at the time of working. They can learn when they are free and when they get time. All needed materials are available on social media sites. Education is not limited to any boundaries; Knowledge can be spread throughout the world.

Distance learning courses are growing more and more and now they are established, every individual tries to complete their education with the help of distance education learning.
So in every aspect social media helped to enhance learning. When we are thinking about positive aspect we should think about negative aspects too. When a student uses social media too much it has the possibilities of diversion of mind. They will give importance to entertainment and show interest in making new friends. So these are also very important. So parents and teachers must make sure that they are not misusing social media.

Every parent should put some limitations on using social media. Apart from that social media have a positive impact on education and helps students to go through their academic journey easily and without much stress.