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Reasons and Ways to Unite Instagram into WordPress Site and Vice Versa for Better Results

Reasons and Ways to Unite Instagram into WordPress Site and Vice Versa for Better Results
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Statistics say thatInstagram reached the one billionth member milestone early this summer. This mark is a major achievement for this unique and most popular image and video sharing platform which also happens to be one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

If you consider that this is just another simple social media platform where you can posts photos and comments on anything and everything you wish to then you are far from the fact and features of Instagram.

Ideally, Instagram has far more to offer.In fact, it can prove to be a phenomenal tool for the marketers if it is used properly. A lot of creative people, major brands and professionals alike use this platform to reach out to billions and not millions instantly to showcase their creations, literary, art or otherwise.

It offers plenty of opportunities to people to share their work and enhance brand awareness. Apart from that, it helps the brands to establish a fast and easy communication with the target audienceas well as with other people, experts and professionals belonging to the same field.

The potential of Instagram seem to be endless when it comes to growing a brand or a business. You can make it even more powerful a tool if you combine your Instagram account with your WordPress site. This will help you to take the maximum benefit of both platforms.

About Instagram in brief

Instagram means many things to many people depending on their outlook. You may consider it as the platform to merely post photos and comments of different events or products while another person who looks deeper into the matter may treat it as a useful platform to involve social influencers to manage their day-to-day activities as well as for product recommendations.

  • Ideally, those people who scratch the surface of the possibilities that Instagram can provide usually are deprived from these benefits. With over one billion users, Instagram is no doubt the best platform to tap your target audience allowing you to access them instantly.
  • Consequently, Instagram is sometimes referred to as “Twitter with pictures.” This is because this platform allows you to upload photos with captions for each which is displayed in your profile in a chronological feed.
  • Since the initial release of the app, there has been a noticeable development in it to enhance its functionality by a great extent. However, the basics remain the same as Instagram lets you share just about anything that can be captured in a photo, a short video or a gallery. Providing with so many disparate interests, Instagram attracts a large number of user base.
  • Instagram is very popular with the younger generation but the number of senior users cannot be overlooked entirely which is about one third of the total Instagram population. Therefore, using this platform you can easily reach out to the teenagers, middle aged as well as the older adults instantly.
  • You can use this platform for different purposes such as posting or watching photos of cute animals, posting or seeing intuitive tutorials, posting or laughing at comical short videos, or simply relax by listening to people commenting and crushing soaps.
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Instagram provides it all though this platform is actually far less formal than Facebook, offers plenty of opportunities and is even more creative than Twitter. It will work wonders for your brand or business. No wonder many marketers and brands are using it as an effective and result driven mobile marketing move.

Ways to incorporate Instagram with WordPress

You can take help of experts like Gramblast or any other to incorporate Instagram with WordPress and vice versa or even do it by you to enjoy the potential benefits of using both together. Just follow the practical aspects and the useful steps and you are done. There are ideally three ways in which you can leverage the outreach of your brand by combining the power of WordPress and Instagram.

The first way

Displaying your Instagram feed on your site is the first and most common method to integrate your Instagram with your WordPress site. It will enable you to display posts from feed anywhere, whether it is on a dedicated page or simply in the sidebar widget. You can accomplish this using a few WordPress plugins. The most significant of all is the Instagram Feed plugin because of its beneficial properties. It is available in a free version but you can also try out the premium version that comes with more useful features.

  • This plugin is very easy to use and get started with and
  • It offers a lot of possibilities in customization.

To use the plugin you will need to follow a specific procedure such as:

  • Installing and activating the plugin when you see the new option in the admin dashboard in the Instagram Feedsettings page
  • Next you should set up and configure the feed after connecting to your Instagram account
  • Authorize it to give permission to the plugin permission to access your posts.
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After you are done with the entire process you will see that your account is listed in the setting of the plugin.

You can also add multiple accounts in your feed if you want it all to be displayed in your posts. Apart from that you can even customize the way you want your feed to appear in your site. There are plenty of options to choose from in this respect and therefore you will need to take time to make proper selection.

You will need to configure the settings, use a simple shortcode, and paste it wherever you want. You can even customize the short code itself to determine further how you want the feed to look and function.

Apart from incorporating the Instagram feed you can even create an image gallery, using the free plugin Instagram Gallery in the same way. Lastly, you can even share WordPress posts on your Instagram account using the WP Instagram Post and Widget plugin. All three steps are easy to use but there is always professional help just a click away.

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