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Reasons to Score Low in Mathematics

Reasons to Score Low in Mathematics
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You are your best critic. Ask yourself where are you actually lacking? You have given so many math exams, you must know it by now. You just need to identify the issue. By any chance, if you are unable to find an answer, ask your math teacher what according to him is the issue? He will be able to guide you better. If that doesn’t work too, ask your friends. You practice math with them, they know where you get stuck every time. If nothing works, see if any of the following is your issue that are basically Reasons to Score Low in Mathematics;


The very first that is contributing in your inability to ace Math can be that your basics are not strong enough. If the pillars are not strong, now do you suppose the building to have a strong solid stricture? That is nearly impossible. So, you need to work on that. If someone makes fun of you for this, let him do so. In fact take it as a challenge and shut their mouths by mastering the basics and leaving them far behind in scoring marks. Never ever feel ashamed of yourself to start from the scratch. The true winner is the one who admits he is not perfect but, instead of surrendering, work on becoming one.


Many students take the rule of BODMAS for granted, although, we all are well aware of its significance in math. Their concepts are clear but mistake in BODMAS rule deprives them from marks that were very easy to gain. Therefore, learn the rule by heart and practice it in the problems where it is to be used. While giving the exam remind yourself to be very careful to apply BODMAS wherever it is required.

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Not Making Notes

Students make notes of every subject except Math. They consider it stupid to do so as math is a subject to practice not to learn. If you are one of those students, change your habit immediately. This single habit will work wonders for you. There are so many little things in math that you can’t rely on your memory for, and need to be noted down for revision in future. Listen to the teacher’s lecture with attentive mind and note down every point, formula, hints and tricks he tells you. Take math for granted, and it will make sure it takes its revenge.

Not Asking the Teacher

The teacher is getting every single penny to make you understand what you don’t. What is the hesitance then? Open up to the teacher and tell him to help you get through your issue. Don’t feel hurt if he scolds you for asking anything more than once. Remember, it is your battle not your teacher’s.

Not Practicing Enough

For you it’s enough, but it actually is not. The top scorers practice every question at least ten times to master it. They literally leave no question from the book un-attempted. After all practice is what makes one perfect.

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