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Reasons You Should Invest In A Dedicated Short Code Service

Reasons You Should Invest In A Dedicated Short Code Service
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The long and short of mobile marketing strategy for your business is to reach out to more and more customers and preferably establish a connection with them directly. This will enable you to create a larger database and generate more lead turning them into prospective sales.

However, doing this on your own is not a prudent decision as there are a lot of features, risks, pros and cons to consider. Nowadays, using SMS messaging is in vogue for business marketing purpose and using short codes is the latest in fashion. This practice is another thing that has made the process a bit complicated for which you will need the help of an expert and dedicated short code messaging service.

Choosing a dedicated mobile vendor to work with to help you in communicating with your loyal customers is a critical and time taking endeavor. Like in any marketing method, mobile marketing too has many options and you can choose a mobile vendor looking at different features such as:

  • Price
  • Services offered
  • Location

However, at the end of the day it is required that you find an effective solution that will not only suit your budget and needs but will also satisfy the needs of your valuable and most loyal customers.

You must make sure that you do not fall victim to the most commonly possessed and often wrong idea that mobile marketing is a secondary approach and this tool does not require much attention or investment. On the contrary, this form of marketing is complex and certainly has no shortcuts.

If any vendor insists you on using long codes like a 10-digit phone number instead of a five or six digit short code to send mass text, beware. They will even tell you that they have conducted their own research regarding this matter and have come to a conclusion that customers prefer long codes over the short ones. If you give in to them, it will serve their purpose and not yours. Moreover, it will also have a serious impact on your business both in the short as well as in the long run.

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Therefore, to be confident when you chose a short code SMS service, make sure that you know the common terminology and what it means. It is better to choose a company that knows how to use both long and short codes, the effects it will have in your business on implementation and is well aware of the different prevailing as well as upcoming market scenarios.

Features and benefits

Before you set your focus on the different technicalities of using and securing a dedicated code, you will be better off if you know the features and benefits of using it. This knowledge will help you to decide and design a better marketing strategy for your business, simplify your outreach strategy and eventually boost sales by generating more leads.

There are several features and benefits of using these codes that will

  • Easily integrate with all telecom operators
  • Provide an auto-response message for free for all incoming messages
  • Let you use unlimited sub keywords by using a control panel that is easy to use
  • Complete online reporting
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Uninterrupted service experience with more than 99% uptime
  • Integrate these with applications through APIs
  • Customized services for better and well managed customer interaction
  • Reporting and tracking of each enquiry sent by the end user
  • You can also enjoy several other benefits like:

You can also enjoy several other benefits like:

  • Exclusive brand recognition: Using an area code you can reach all over the country for a nationwide and exclusive brand identity
  • Improved deliverance: Allowing Application To Person or A2P use, these codes will send alerts and notifications with higher delivery rates
  • Higher performance: Throughput the process you can send out the messages to your customers in a timely fashion without getting filtered or blocked as default throughput normally starts when 50 messages are sent per second

Depending on the availability, if you choose the vanity short codes that will be reserved for you will help your brand to be exclusive and unique.

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Used across all industries

These services are used by different industries, which is one more reason for you to follow suit. Different industries that use these code services are:

  • Online retail: These stores can improve their engagement level with customers with the help of different SMS text messaging contests and promotions. It will help them to improve their customer service as well as customer loyalty through these reward campaigns.
  • Marketing and media: These codes help the marketing and media to build a strong and highly impacting marketing campaign by targeting the customers in real time. It helps them to convey time sensitive information such as POS campaigns and flight reservation reminders.
  • Financial services: These services get a two factor authentication by SMS text messages that help them to protect the info of their customers with an additional layer of security. It helps them to keep any type of customer transaction such as account activity alerts, bill payments and money transfers safe.
  • Customer service: All customer care services can create a better experience by providing personalized loyalty programs, collecting more feedbacks, accelerating support ticket responses, and sending timely order notifications directly to the mobile phone of the customers.
  • Transportation and logistics: This is the most benefited industry that can optimize complex logistics using such codes and can virtually deal with any process requiring instant communication. SMS text messages such as rideshare coordination, order confirmations, tracking supply chain inventory levels, shipment delivery, recalls and product returns become easier.
  • Healthcare: Using these codes helps the healthcare sector to enhance patient experiences. It also helps them in establishing a better rapport with the patients with improved healthcare communications, delivering emergency and time critical healthcare services, reducing appointment no-shows with alerts, and optimizing public health campaigns.

Therefore, using a reliable and reputable service will help you to use better pre-packaged templates to ensure faster ‘go to market’ in a global scale with reliability, quality and almost 99.95% uptime.