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How to Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

How to Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018
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With nearly 2 billion people using the internet regularly, online marketing policy has become the most important aspect of any decent marketing strategy in the past few years. In this post we will learn “How to Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018”.

Digital marketing UK experts say that the world is spending at least 25% of its marketing budget on online marketing.
Moreover, more than 80% of all small and medium sized businesses are engaging with consumers through multiple social media channels. And above that, more than 90% of the world’s retailers have at least 2 or more social media channels.
Digital marketing strategies are no longer a fancy, space-taking compilation of pages. In this era, digital marketing has become a necessity.
It’s also important to remember that the internet is constantly evolving. Tastes change, standards change, trends change. It’s imperative that you keep on tweaking and updating your digital marketing strategy according to the changes that the market is going through.
Not keeping up with the market could result in a drop in your search engine ranking, less traffic on site, a smaller conversion rate and less consumer engagement.

Signs your current digital marketing plan has run its course

According to an SEO company London strategist, a digital marketing strategy could work very well in the beginning and even bring in better than expected results. But, over time, it could start to falter and the signs will show up in your company’s data. Hence, it’s imperative that you keep an eye on your company’s statistics so you’ll know what went wrong as soon as it does.
A fall in your search engine results position is a clear sign of a failing policy. There could be a number of reasons why the fall has occurred; from technical to SEO related ones.
Google has learnt that people visit and spend more time on websites that are fast, secure and easy to use and so, Google takes that into account while ranking sites. Also, Google keeps updating these parameters, so you should keep an eye on it and follow them as closely as you can.
To solve SEO related issues, go through the keyword list your website is using. The keywords that aren’t bringing in any good results need to be removed and replaced. Also, a good SEO campaign is continuous and consistent. But, do remember that your main focus should be on content quality, not keyword density.
Another sign is that your website is getting visitors but a lot of them leave without buying/purchasing your product. This problem needs conversion rate optimization. Anything from website layout to purchasing method might need an overhaul. Best to find out what exactly hinders the buying process.
Third and probably the most important sign of a failing marketing strategy is if your smartphone-using site traffic leaves the website only after a few seconds. With more than 50% of the users accessing internet through smartphones, it has become a necessity that you optimize your website for mobile. Less clutter, bigger buttons, less taps and fast loading times are just some of the solutions to this problem.
And last but not the least; a failing social media policy. No matter what happens, you should never give up on social media marketing. Social media is a big category and deserves its own policy, team of professionals and a marketing budget for running paid ads.

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So, how to revamp your digital marketing game plan

There are number of ways you can go about this, here are some of the most important ones, as suggested by digital marketing UK exerts;

Write down your marketing policy

Research suggests that even though everyone realizes how important having a marketing policy is and they do prepare a strategy to deal with it, majority of them never actually write it down. Writing down your digital marketing policy will not only make things clear and concise but it will also allow you to compare your goals to your achievements and adjust accordingly.

Learn from past mistakes

When trying to recalibrate your marketing strategy, it is essential that you go through your old marketing strategy. It’s important that you note down what worked well with the audiences, what didn’t work with the audiences at all. Also, note down what marketing campaign got you the most attention and what campaign got you the most conversions.
Use this data to improve your marketing policy. Build on your strengths and as for your weaknesses, either get rid of them or fix them. It’s also important that you remember not to get boring. There should always be a few new and experimental elements in your marketing. How else do you think your brand will be seen as the “cool” brand?

Are your objectives and marketing in phase?

Business objectives are planned right at the very beginning. And, everything else is built around them. But, running an organization is a long and complex process during which, you can easily lose sight of the bigger picture. Only the best of the best stay focused on the bigger picture and that’s how they achieve their goals.
Have a look at your business objectives and see if your digital marketing policy has been taking you towards them or not. If not, you know something needs to change.

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Set milestones that are measureable

SEO company London experts say that too many businesses set goals that aren’t exactly measurable. They suggest that businesses should set goals that are measurable and define appropriate deadlines. From the growth percentage in number of followers to the conversion rate, everything should have a measurable milestone set for it.

Social media is your friend

No matter how much we hate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media platforms for taking our privacy away from us, truth is, everyone is still using them. Consumers are addicted to social media and that is exactly why your business needs to be on social as well. And not just Facebook and Twitter, have a strong presence on at least top 5-6 social media platforms; to find and connect with your audiences on a global level.
So, now that you know how to revamp your digital marketing, get started!

Author Bio: Nouman Ali Awan is a keynote speaker on social media strategy.