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Review of Cylindrical Alexa Voiced Amazon Echo Speakers

Review of Cylindrical Alexa Voiced Amazon Echo Speakers
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Not a lot of people would listen to your commands and do them right away!

Meet the sleek looking cylindrical Alexa voiced Amazon Echo speakers! They not only listen to you, but also play your favorite music, order things for you, makes reservations at your favorite restaurant, give you news and weather updates, and even turns your bedroom lights off!

Amazon echo might look like just another bluetooth speaker, but it is so much more than that! It is one of kind Artificial Intelligence devices you would definitely want to befriend. The omnidirectional speakers not only play music for you but recognize your voice and talk to you. It is something we millennials have grown up watching in some of the best science-fiction movies!

Alexa, the intelligent voice which controls and runs the Amazon Echo can hear you, comprehend you, and provide you with smart solutions to all your problems. No matter where you are, Alexa is always there for you! Oh, the best part? You do not have to stop yourself, fidget with your mobiles to “configure” Alexa to do your things. You can freely interact with Alexa, even if you are in the opposite corners.

The Amazon Echo will always be connected to your WiFi networks in order to function. It is going to perpetually listen to your wishes and commands and wake up immediately to resolve your queries. The device is intelligent enough to monitor your speech patterns, your vocabulary, your habits and behavior patterns and function accordingly. In fact, once it start hearing and recognizing your voice, the device would light up and send you an appropriate response via its Alexa Voice Service. The multitude of microphones on the device makes sure that your voice is heard even if you are far away in your apartment. The device also manages to catch what you are saying even if there are environmental noises or even if the Amazon Echo is playing your favorite Beethoven’s symphony.

Integrating Indians through Alexa!

Though these Alexa based intelligent devices were launched last year in India, the market for Amazon Echo devices is still expanding. The expansion of Alexa Voice Services along with Alexa Skills Set will help developers undertake the responsibility of building new Alexa skills to integrate Indians on a global platform.

But, how would it define the Indian user market? Developers are building new Alexa friendly app every single day today, which means better voice support on multiple apps and services, specially catering to the needs of Indians. When Amazon Alexa came out, Uber as well as Ola confirmed Alexa friendly apps specially for the Indian demographics. Indian users would not have to worry about booking cabs, Alexa would do it for you! Faasos, Zomato and Freshmenu did a very similar thing. Alexa users can now not just ask Alexa to order their favorite food items but also ask Alexa to book their tables in their favorite restaurants. The simple, yet complicated voice command system of Amazon Alexa was all ready to suit the needs of crores of Indians.

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Very recently Domino’s came out with its Amazon Echo skill app, which would link your Domino’s account to the Alexa app. As long as you wish for pizza, Alexa is here for you! Requesting pizza delivery in a jiffy would be easier than ever! The Domino’s app for Amazon Alexa also helps you with real-time status of your pizza order!

To simplify news reading for crores of Indians easier, NDTV and Times of India came out with their news reading apps, specially designed for Amazon Echo devices. Music, sports and travelling grew simultaneously with the onset of Alexa. Giants in these fields namely Goibibo, ESPNcricinfo, Hungama, Saavn and also Amazon Prime Music also came out with Amazon Alexa friendly apps. This was not all, giants in the electricity and lighting market also partnered with Amazon Alexa based devices to provide better lighting solutions to Indian homes every day. Philips and SYSKA were the first two companies to do this. With their Alexa friendly light bulbs, you could switch them on and off, or even dim their effect to suit your convenience.

Currently, one of India’s leading radio broadcasting Government-owned companies, All India Radio is currently partaking the role of developing the AIR radio app to suit the needs of Amazon Alexa. Keeping up with the modern trends in the Indian tech markets, AIR is developing the Alexa friendly app to ensure Indian news, current affairs, other AIR programmes, and segments are celebrated by Indians and non-Indians living all over the world.

For Indian markets, this did not stop here!

Over the next couple of months, more and more Alexa friendly apps are launching in the market, all catering to make the lives of urban Indians easier. Onkyo, boAt, Riva, Anker, Harman, and even BPL are doing very similar things.

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What Amazon did when launching Amazon Echo devices to India was alter the voice system so that it would suit the Indian English accent better. This made all the more difference when it came to the success of the ever growing Alexa based market in India! Indian Alexa can also use a blend of both English and Hindi, and can also refer to your “living room” as a “drawing room”. What the Indian blended Alexa can also do is add jeera (cumin seeds) and haldi (turmeric) to  the typical Indian grocery lists. Moreover, the Indian Alexa celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August, every year instead of July 4, and guess what!? Alexa will also wish you a very happy Diwali.

Game changer for Mobile App Developers

The Amazon Echo devices have definitely grasped the attention of crores of Indians, even after knowing how difficult the Indian markets are to navigate. Giving the Indian consumers value for money along with functionality works wonders for you as a corporate! The launch of Amazon Echo was thus, a game changer for not only Indian consumers, but also the corporate houses and mobile mobile app developers who were investing in the rising Amazon Alexa market. Looking at the size of the Indian consumers, who love functionality and feasibility, Amazon Alexa is all set to establish itself as the popular choice among the Indians. This not only means more revenues for Amazon, but also for you as a Mobile app developer and a corporate house. Even if you are a budding entrepreneur with a new company, you could change your game and establish yourself with the right Alexa Skill Set which would have the capability of refining and revolutionising the lives of multiple Indians at the same time!

Using Alexa right, could work wonders for an average Indian household! Alexa knows what songs to play when you ask her to play Amitabh Bachan songs (Yes, Alexa knows who is Amitabh Bachan!) and Alexa could also act as your therapist when you are stressed out, by playing you some meditation friendly, relaxing songs. Alexa is surely going to leave a lasting impact on the Indian market base for years to come!