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Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge – Everything You Should Know About!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge – Everything You Should Know About!
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge is one of the most awaiting smartphones in Galaxy S series. S8 Edge is a new concept which would integrate everything unique.

Samsung from ages is working to introduce some new phones, particularly in Galaxy S line. Phones in Galaxy S line are high end best smart phones as compared to other smart phones available in the market. Samsung device in S series such as Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7  are very high-end devices with latest specifications were released last year.

This year Samsung is going to release S8 with more attractive features and specifications. There is always something more and unconventional when you buy Samsung Galaxy series. S8 is also one of the most awaited phones in Series of Samsung Galaxy.

As an elite, Smartphone company, Samsung took all its efforts and invented a series of Smartphone that occurred as Galaxy S series and which is always more enviable than before. Galaxy S8 Edge as a ulta version of Samsung S8 is at the top of the list. Here is the discussion about what the user can expect in S8 edge? How much the buyers have to wait and how this Samsung mobile Edge would be different?

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Here is the list of features that Samsung Galaxy S8 edge will have:-

The S8 edge is full of some extra features which would be preferred by all. The phone will not only provide a better output, but it is also expected that it will offer enhanced features such as a larger screen, sky-scraping speed, fast processor and extra internal memory. Samsung Galaxy will have the feature of 4K screen. Octa-core process is another feature which users can expect in S8 edge.

In order to enhance buyer experience and to beat the competition, S8 Edge will come with specs. Specs are ultra-responsive eye scanner. This feature will increase the flexibility for sensitivity control. To make the phone trendy and to match the expectation of virtual reality users,Galaxy S8 Edge will be available a Gear VR headset. This outstanding feature will have a hard-hitting competition in the smartphone industry.

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It is expected that S8 Edge will be available with new transistor design positioned on a chip. It will increase area efficiency by 30% and performance delivery by 27%. Power consumption will be approximately 40%.

The Samsung S8 Edge with 4Hz peak clock rate is different from other Samsung devices. Higher clock speed makes the processor run faster.

Samsung is trying hard to make S8 a revolutionary phone. It will probably have a Nvidia inspired GPU.

According to rumors S8 edge will have a super-fast modem. An extension is included in the phone in the form of a combination of Snapdragon 830 and S8 Edge. It would enable the user to download 100 GB file within 13 minutes. Samsung is going to launch this new phone with USB type-C. It is a revisable tie which will stick it upside down.

According to source Galaxy S8 Edge would have a camera with 28 megapixels and front cam with 8.1 megapixel. This feature will make a person even more photogenic and selfie junkie.

Rumors say that S8 Edge with unique features will provide complete protection to the phone. Rear corning Gorilla glass 5 protections is another most distinguishing feature of the phone. The launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge would be a revolutionary change in the market of smart phones.

Price and features

Initial rumors highlighted that the price of Galaxy S8 would be high. Early reports suggested that S8 edge will mark $1000 for those in the US. On the other hand, some rumors are also suggesting that the launch price of this phone will be in the same range of GS6 and GS7 Edge.

This indicated that the full price would be in the range of $900 USD and 820 Euro. It is notable that in US launch the price tag of Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge is about $850 which is significantly less than full purchasing price of $1100.

Samsung S8 Edge as an extension in S series is featured a better eye scanner, 4K recording, incredible durability and new version of Gorilla Glass protection. Ultra-rapid charging with supplied wired charger is charging technology evolution which will fully charge the handset in just a few minutes. The feature of ultra-charging in Galaxy S8 Edge is much better than wireless charging available in GS7 Edge.

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In Samsung Galaxy, S8 Edge latest version of the android operating system is pre installed in this waterproof cell phone. Galaxy S8 is the refinement of Samsung galaxy S7 edge. The new component included in the device include security with ultra-responsive eye sensing technology, faster wireless rapid charging and high quality in sound. Moreover, the list of features also includes a4K display, Octa-core processor and much more.

Samsung galaxy s8 specifications

Wrapping up the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Concept!

Galaxy S8 Edge is the one stop solution for all the existing mobile users. It is based on the idea of creating a mobile which integrates all other things. S8 will incorporate all the latest and greatest mobile technologies in order to facilitate customer and dominate the cell phone industry.

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G S8 Edge with a full array of features and specifications. Samsung S8 Edge is the more secure and durable than the other phones in S series. It will be significantly better than previous models.

In a Nutshell

The release of GS8 Edge will surpass everything available in S6 and S7. It would be increasingly popular not only for personal use but also for business use. Amazing 4K visuals, security, and speed are making the phone one of the most advanced devices of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, the new flagship phone of Samsung, is going to release in the 2nd quarter of 2017. MWC will make the release date official. In order to get the newest version of the phone pre-ordering would be best for you. Stay tuned for most up to date rumors about specs, feature, concept, and price and release date of S8.