Samsung Reportedly Delays Galaxy Fold Launch Events in China

Samsung Reportedly Delays Galaxy Fold Launch Events in China
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The launch of Samsung galaxy events, scheduled for 23 and 24 April was canceled in China, according to numerous reports from SamMobile, Engadget and The Wall Street Journal. The company hasn’t announced the new dates yet.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a smartphone with a foldable display that has been criticized recently. Some reviews specify its flaws starting from hinge bulges to flickering screens. Samsung has started the investigation concerning the phone’s technical problems and it seems that Samsung has revealed more serious hardware problem and that’s why the Samsung Galaxy launch was postponed. Though, it’s also entirely possible that the postponement has nothing to do with the bad reviews, and the phone is on its way to the market as previously planned.

Recently, Samsung has made the official statement where it’s stated that according to some reviews the phone has vast potential but it needs some improvements. The company has decided to postpone the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold to make some enhancements and to provide the best possibilities for Samsung devices users. The release date will be announced later.

The Problems Revealed When Using Samsung Galaxy Fold

The official presentation of Samsung Galaxy Fold was held in February this year — Samsung’s foldable smartphone, which costs almost 2000$, was shown from the stage. This provoked some rumors. Gizmodo has, for example, decided that Samsung’s smartphone was too “thick”, another media portal has written that the phone’s design wasn’t properly done. However, the journalists have finally got the opportunity to test the foldable gadget. Nowadays, people have got an opportunity to use their smartphones for any purposes. They can even play online casino games like slots real money games and get real winnings.

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A couple of days later, the concerns of the South Korean vendor, who didn’t want to show Samsung Galaxy Fold after the presentation, became clear — several reviewers almost simultaneously announced about the problems with the display. One of those who reported about the problem was the reviewer from Bloomberg. He has announced about the problems with the phone’s display two days after he began to use it. As it turned out, he has removed the protective film from the screen which mustn’t be removed. Another reviewer faced the same problem; he warned his subscribers that the top layer on the display — it’s not a protective film but a screen protector which mustn’t be removed. Later, the press service of Samsung published a statement in which it warned the users that they mustn’t remove the film in any case — it’s an integral part of the display. At the same time, according to journalists, no warning on the gadget itself or on its box was written. However, the faults in the work of the screen were observed by those who guessed not to remove the film. A reviewer from CNBC said that his smartphone broke after one day of use — half of the screen began to flash unexpectedly. In its official comment, Samsung says that the company is aware that some reviewers have encountered screen dysfunction. In this regard, an investigation has been started to determine the cause of the failure.

So according to the experts’ opinion, Samsung has two reasons to postpone the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The first one is the need to investigate the reasons for the phones’ screen failure. The second reason is to find additional ways to inform users that they mustn’t remove the protective layer in any case because it’s the structural part of the display.

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