11 Rules of Secure Use of Dating Sites

11 Rules of Secure Use of Dating Sites
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  1. Anonymity. The more information you will provide about yourself, the more likely you are to become a victim of a fraudster. You never need to enter your home address or last name. The name and the city will be just enough. Being honest and open is good but only in private conversations and not in the profile that millions of people can see.
  2. The second rule is the continuation of the first: the issue of your photo. Here, the danger is not so much in fraudsters as in relatives and friends. Are you sure that you want your boss to find out that “Slutty Jessica prefers rough sex and vibrators of soft pink tones?” On the other hand, without a photograph, the chances of meeting someone are plummeting. What should you do? It’s very simple. You need to take a few photos with an unusual make-up and hairstyle or those where the face will be slightly in the shade, so you will be hard to recognize. If anything, you can always just say that the girl is “very similar” to you.
  3. It is not necessary to hint that you are wealthy in your profile or be photographed while driving a brand-new Honda. Either don’t mention it at all or enter something like “without financial problems.” It will not alert normal people, and it will not attract gigolos and fraudsters. There are sites that have been quite good at handling their issues with scammers.
  4. Try not to set the goal of … to “only sex,” even if your only goal is sex. With such a statement in the profile, it is very easy to attract perverts, mentally ill people, and various funny personalities that aren’t that fun to communicate with. In the end, you will always have time to decide whether your relationship grows into something serious or stays at the level of dates and sex. Needless to say, choosing the purpose of … to “just to talk to someone” is also quite meaningless. Who is interested in just talking? Why would you visit a … service if the only thing you need is to talk to someone?
  5. Most … sites are free. Therefore, if you have to “send a short message” or pay for the site’s services in any other way, it is better to choose another site, especially since there are thousands of them. By the way, all social networks can be used as … services. Here’s a great …. website where you can meet Russian girls online! Don’t miss out!
  6. Be careful. If you received a message from someone online, first of all, visit the profile. If it states the first and last name, type them in a search engine, visit the links that you get, compare and analyze the information.
  7. Never click on unfamiliar links that you get in your correspondences – you can get a virus on your computer.
  8. If the virtual dialogue has been very enjoyable for both parties, then a real-life meeting isn’t that far away. If you are planning to meet someone, don’t pick your home address as the place for a date. The first date should go according to all the rules: in a cafe, cinema, or some other crowded place.
  9. When you first meet in real life, it is most reasonable to take something to cover your face: a magazine or a newspaper. This will give you the opportunity to discreetly see the person, and only then, if you like that person, you can throw that thing away and approach. If the impression is unfavorable, you can always go unnoticed. You don’t have to go through a date if you see that your companion looks nothing like a person in the pictures they posted. Care for your own interests.
  10. Even after a successful first date, do not lose your vigilance. You should be alerted to any conversations about loans, debts, or your partner being fired. Also, be careful if a person insistently begs for you to visit or wants to find out things about your financial well-being.
  11. Paranoia is not the best companion when trying to meet someone. In any case, communicate with a person sincerely, with an open heart. Just leave some information for later in order not to incur unnecessary trouble. Believe me: if a person that you chose is truly interested in you, then such nuances won’t matter.