Seven Up-and-Coming Tech Hubs In The U.S. That Will Surprise You

Seven Up-and-Coming Tech Hubs In The U.S. That Will Surprise You
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While San Francisco’s Silicon Valley is the most well-known tech hub in the United States, there are other tech hubs around the country that are proving themselves to be just as prominent. While living in the Bay Area is many people’s dream-come-true, these other seven cities are more affordable, just as innovative, and thriving with technology driven people. If you’re wondering what to do and where to go with your tech degree, here are seven cities that you should highly consider:

Austin, TX

Home to Apple, Facebook, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell (to name a few), Austin has emerged as a booming tech hub in the last couple years. What draws people to Austin for tech is that it’s similar to San Francisco. It’s a young city, has great culture, plenty of outdoor activities, and amazing weather. Settled right in the center of the country, its geographic location is another reason why Austin makes the perfect home for new tech grads.

Technology companies in Austin account for a large amount of [tech-related] revenue in Texas. Some people have even dubbed the city “Silicon Ranch.” Startups as well as big companies are taking up office spaces downtown and more are being built each year. The University of Texas and the city’s annual SXSW (South by Southwest) technology conference and music festival continue to attract top tech experts in their fields as well as entrepreneurs from around the globe.

If you’re looking to move, but are looking for a creative, livable, and cultural city to start your tech career in, Austin, TX should be on your list.

San Diego, California

Just a little farther south from San Francisco, and with its amazing weather and excellent surf, San Diego was already ranked at the top of best places to live in the United States. If you need another reason to pack up and move to “America’s Finest City,” here is one more: Its tech scene and more specifically it’s biotech scene, is exploding.

San Diego boasts top-notch science and tech programs such as those found at the University of California, San Diego and nearby Salk and Scripps Research Institutes. The city is also home to telecommunications giant Qualcomm and is currently experiencing a huge surge in venture capital investments.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Due to it’s old historic nature, Charleston may not be a city you’d ever thought would be on this list –  But if you’re looking for an up-an-coming tech hub with great food, beautiful beaches and historical charm, it may be time to start looking for a new home in Charleston, S.C.

The Holy City’s fast-growing economy has been attracting more venture capitalists to its shores, helping shape Charleston into a hotbed for tech startups. Boasting an estimated 450 tech companies and an average salary of $91,105 for the tech sector, the city is quickly attracting high-tech talent from across the globe.

The city is experiencing growth in numerous other sectors as well as tech which is why Charleston has earned its 4th place on MagnifyMoney’s list of biggest boomtowns. Aerospace, automotive, and life sciences are among the other fields that have taken off in this small, quaint, southern city – and to top it off, you truly can’t beat Charleston’s amazing food scene!

Denver, Colorado

Just like Charleston, Denver’s fast-growing population has fueled its tech scene and startup community. According to the Colorado Tech Book, venture capital funding for tech companies in Colorado increased 46 percent in 2017, with much of this funding going towards companies in the Denver/Boulder area.

Denver is no Silicon Valley, nor does it want to be. The city’s many tech hubs, startup celebrations, high-tech incubators and entrepreneur-led resources are mainly focused on fostering a supportive community that naturally leads to innovation. With its diverse tech ecosystem, ample hiking opportunities and amazing craft brew scene, Denver has a lot to offer aspiring tech workers. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The city of Pittsburgh use to be an industrial steel town that’s long been a symbol of Rust-Belt decline. Now, however, Pittsburgh is emerging as a vibrant hub for artificial intelligence, robotics, artificial intelligence, and biomedical companies. In 2014, for the first time in its history, the number of jobs in the scientific and R&D sectors exceeded those in iron and steel, which used to be the lifeblood of the Pittsburgh economy.

With the help of new technologies being pioneered at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, the city is attracting billions of dollars in private financing and top young professionals in their fields. The city was even a finalist for Amazon.com’s second headquarters.

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Whether you’re looking to put your tech degree to use in a job in IT or looking to work for a self-driving car company, Pittsburgh seems to have it all.

Raleigh, North Carolina

With its vibrant startup scene, top-notch universities and abundance of investor capitalist funding opportunities, Raleigh is poised to become the next big tech hub. The rapidly growing city is boosted by Research Triangle, an area that contains not only three universities (UNC, Duke and N.C. State), but also more than 250 STEM businesses.

Raleigh has long been known as a business-friendly city. With new technology hubs constantly opening in Research Park, it has a similar feel to Silicon Valley without the pretentiousness. Plus, Raleigh has some culinary prowess that is on par with top food cities such as Charleston and New Orleans.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesotans aren’t usually the types to sing their own praises, which is why you may not have heard about the city’s emerging tech scene. Although it may not have much on larger tech cities on the West Coast, the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) are quietly emerging as a hub for sport techies.

Med-tech is another sector in which Minneapolis shines. The city is home to the University of Minnesota — one of America’s Public Ivy universities — whose faculty, alumni and researchers have won an impressive 29 Nobel Prizes.

Minneapolis is also home to numerous med-tech events and conferences, including Medical Design & Manufacturing, the largest med-tech event in the Midwest.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a secure mobile app developer with a background in sports, Minneapolis is an attractive city that could open doors. If you can stand the chilly weather, you’ll fall in love with the city’s craft brew scene and absurd politeness.

Start Your Career in an Emerging Tech Hub

Whereas cities such as San Francisco, New York and Boston have long been hubs for technology workers, the cities listed here are just getting started. Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their growing tech prowess and get settled before they experience an even greater tech boom.