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How Social Media Will Change Over the Next Few Years

How Social Media Will Change Over the Next Few Years
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You will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have at least one social media account at all. It is estimated that at least 70 percent of internet users also utilize social media in one form or another. Of course, these are all current statistics. What you need to be focused on is what these platforms are going to look like in the future. After all, this is what will change the way that you are privy to and consume content. So, with this in mind let’s consider this a little closer:

The Power Platforms are Shifting

There was a time when Facebook was synonymous with the term social media. This was because it was one of the largest and most popular platforms to ever exist. While Facebook is still somewhat of a giant, it looks like the sands may be shifting in the near future. This is largely to do with the next generation – Gen Z. Unlike their parents and Millennials, this demographic is shying away from Facebook. It simply isn’t considered cool anymore, especially since most of these teens have parents who use the site. What they are turning to instead are Instagram and Snapchat so these will be the platforms to look to in the next few years.

It’s All About Video

Just a short time ago, image-related content began to see a surge in popularity in social media. This is one of the reasons that Instagram also enjoyed a boost in status. While relevant images are still quite important, it appears that people are more interested in video. Most people will spend a greater amount of time watching a video then they will on any other type of content. This will give rise to not just more marketing-based videos but also user-generated video as well.

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A Focus on Keeping It Private

Over the last several years, people have become more and more aware of their online privacy. News stories about their information being sold and their online activity being tracked have made everyone a lot more careful. This means that people will be cautious about what they share online. Not to mention, they will also be more inclined to use platforms that protect their privacy. This means that previously unknown sites such as Whisper and Secret are likely to become more widely used.

The Rise of Audio

Social media was initially used to help people connect with one another. Of course, eventually branding and advertising took over and most platforms seemed to lose their personal touch. As these platforms crack down on such things, though, you will probably see that they will begin to regain their original purpose. Interestingly enough, this is probably what will lead to the rise of audio communication across such platforms.
So, you may find that more and more people will grab the necessary equipment for podcasts and voice recording, allowing them to communicate with one another in an innovative manner. This will definitely take off as social media platforms begin to include features to accommodate such connections as well.
These are the ways that social media is most likely to evolve and grow in the next few years. After this, it is simply a matter of watching just how it changes.