Speedlink Xeox Pro Wireless Review

Speedlink Xeox Pro Wireless Review
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When I think of PC gaming devices, the first thing that pops into my head is flashy lights. From colourful LED covered keyboards to gaming mice pads. But not everybody uses these. Over the past couple of years, console controllers have also started to appear for PC’s. Especially since consoles are still as popular as ever before. So let me introduce you the Speedlink Xeox Pro Wireless controller!

It’s a simple gaming controller for those quiet Sunday mornings when you don’t have anyone nagging on you. I’m often bored of having to use a mouse and a keyboard and sometimes miss holding onto that console controller. Not to mention the endless nights of playing playstation action games. It kind of reminds me of my childhood. And that’s exactly what the Speedlink Xeox Pro is for. Plus it’s quite budget friendly as well, so you don’t need to feel bad for getting a gaming accessory.


Just like many other Speedlink gaming controllers, the Xeox Pro wireless version looks very similar to the original Xbox controller. It makes sense as the original Xbox controller was known for its ergonomics. And the Xeox Pro controller design is just as comfortable to use. It just feels natural in your hands. For me, it took some time getting used to as I’m a Playstation dude myself. But I got used to the new shape quite fast. The controller is also covered with a rubber like texture, which makes it feel soft and smooth against skin.

The wireless design also gives the Xeox Pro controller another extra 10 points in my opinion. Without any cables you can freely move the controller in any direction you want. Plus you don’t need to worry about hitting anything in between or pulling it out of the port. And we all know plenty of games where it can happen. That said, you can still use it with a cable as well. While it’s charging for example. I really like that they added the USB port to the front of the controller. Shows that they actually thought about it.


The Speedlink Xeox Pro is equipped with two joysticks. They move smoothly and you don’t really need to apply any force to move them. I’d personally like it more if there was some sort of a resistance. But it comes down to personal preference. I have gotten used to it after a week of playing every day.

My only real complaint is with the rest of the buttons. I understand that they are made out of plastic but do they have to actually feel like it? I’d like it more of the surface was textured and not just smooth. It’s obviously not a deal breaker but something that would make it even better in my opinion.

What I do really like are the built-in motors. They bring you right in the middle of the action by making the controller vibrate. It’s exactly the same as on gaming consoles.

Overall the Speedlink controller is extremely reliable. Even the wireless connection is solid. According to Speedlink the wireless range is up to 10 meters. I have no idea why it’s that long but it is. Plus it actually works as well, I even tried it myself. So you definitely don’t need to worry about losing connection.

Installation & Battery

Besides the Xeox Pro wireless controller, you also get a USB stick, which is actually the receiver, and a 1 meter long charging cable. You don’t really need to go through any complicated installation guides to setup the controller. Simply insert the receiver into your computer’s USB port and that’s it. Your computer will recognize it instantly. No need for any drivers or installation CD’s. The controllers Dual-Mode technology makes sure that your computer will recognize controller while playing most games.

Since the Xeox Pro controller is wireless, then it runs on a 550 mAh Li-Po battery that’s built into it. As in you can’t take it out. The plus side is that you have free range of movement and not worry about a cable getting in the way. The battery also lasts long (10 hours) enough so that you don’t need to spend most of the time charging it. What I like about this device is that you can still play games with this controller even when it’s charging. It will just be attached to the cable.


The Speedlink Xeox Pro is an excellent companion on a quiet Sunday morning. This controller is absolutely perfect for everyone who is tired of having to use their mouse and keyboard, and want to experience the touch of a controller. The wireless model does everything that it’s designed for and does it well. Especially considering how affordable it actually is.

Author Bio: Marcus Hagen reviews gaming accessories for Tenpire.com