The Amazing WordPress Story: Six Quick Facts

The Amazing WordPress Story: Six Quick Facts
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While WordPress conquers the field of website platforms, you may be wondering how this popular site creation and content management program reached its position of dominance.
Strongly reaffirmed as leader among all other content management systems even by the most reliable hosting companies with their dedicated WordPress hosting plans, you might be wondering what led to its global domination.
The story is truly amazing. So here are six facts to set the stage.
1. Fun-loving Creators
Since the website platform marketplace is highly competitive, image can mean a lot. The WordPress creators and enthusiasts combine quirky interests with cultural flair to build their brand.
Co-founder Matt Mullenweg is famous for getting the most out of his days – because he limits his sleep to six hours daily. Also, the team is full of jazz enthusiasts. Consequently, each new release is named after a famous jazz artist.
And fans have gotten into the act, too. Notably, they created a dance (the “WordPress Wiggle”).
2. Exploding Popularity
Since 30% of all websites run on WordPress, the platform easily claims the popularity contest. Most noteworthy, 48% of the biggest blogging names choose this software for their content management. Finally, out of the top one million websites, nearly half choose WordPress.
3. Big or Small
Sure, WordPress is great for little guys and amateurs, but big companies and professionals look to other options, right?
Because of the platform’s flexibility, it attracts large corporations, government entities – even celebrities use it. Ever heard of IBM, Katy Perry or Sweden?
4. Easy to Customize
WordPress is open source, which allows creative minds to tinker, test, and modify the basic code to meet individual needs.
The program allows smaller pieces of code to connect with the larger framework. As a result, the basic design (“theme”) can be easily changed and additional elements (“plug-ins”) can be added. Maybe that’s why there are over 52,000 plug-ins which have been downloaded 1.5 billion times.
5. Growing Concerns
As the influence of WordPress grows, so does the interest of shady characters. Hackers search for vulnerabilities in this platform, just as they do in others. The worst breach of security for the software affected 18 million users.
The flexibility of plug-ins emerges as a liability, as well. Over half of all security issues relate to plug-ins.
All the same, keeping the WordPress installation up-to-date and protecting it with security plug-ins offsets the risks manifold.
6. Profitability
Even with potential security problems, WordPress grows bigger – and people are learning how to make money.
Themes and plug-ins sell on marketplaces and turn developers into millionaires. The Avada theme alone has pulled in $21,413,640.
ThemeForest built an online shopping mall for themes. As a result, the company has raked in nearly $300 million since 2008.
WordPress continues to wow us with its story.
Which record will it break tomorrow?