The rise of Esports

The rise of Esports
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Esports used to be just about gaming, but now there are far more facets than ever before. Of course, gaming is the main event, but there are also managers, coaches, marketing executives, event organisers, agents, as well as professional players involved. That’s also not considering external roles too, like lawyers, financial advisers, and technical support! There are also sites like VamosGG, which allow spectators to get involved. So, many people can now be involved in Esports, which is something relatively new. In previous years, video games weren’t such a big deal, but now, they are a huge part of society.

The first sports console wasn’t invented until the 70s, and the development of consoles was slow until the 90s and early 2000s. Browser games were also developed in the 90s and early 2000s, as more households started having personal computers. Beforehand, computers were only used in workplaces and universities.There were other games made in the meantime, but they weren’t revolutionary. This is because not many households had access to the internet or computers. As the internet became more accessible, development progressed, and more people started liking video games.

Now, as the internet has become more readily available and more people have access to it, gaming culture has changed drastically. Nowadays, most homes will have a PC or a console, allowing them to participate in various online games. In fact, now most people have smartphones, games are a part of everyday life as people have access to game apps as well as consoles and PCs. Not only has gaming increased, but spectatorship has also had a drastic impact on the growth of Esports. Many of those interested in Esports use sites likeVamosGG for industry news and watch their favourite gamers on streaming platforms like Twitch. Not to mention, viewers can also watch the pros at the 50+ championships and tournaments that are held regularly. This recognition of gaming is exactly what the industry needed to succeed.

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Within the last decade, Esports has flourished and has really made a mark on the gaming industry. Many people start playing games as a result of being inspired by professional gamers. Not only is this great for the industry as more people are getting involved, but it’s also great for industry professionals who want to continue to grow and become industry leaders. In 2019, it was reported that millions and millions of fans tuned into streaming events and watched tournaments and championships. That number only increased when it got to 2020, with nearly half a billion viewers tuning into various events.

Esports awareness has seen significant improvement in recent years, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. As more people tune into Esporting events, more people learn about it and want to get involved. Every Esporting event is different, which is appealing to different viewers. This is great for Esport development as new viewers make for new fans. The industry can then deliver new marketing messages to these new viewers, only improving recognition and engagement. This is also an excellent opportunity for professional gamers to grow their fan base and continue what they love doing. As a result of this recognition, the industry will only continue to grow. Plus, there is plenty of room for the gaming industry to continue to grow with advances in technology.

With 2020 and 2021 being faced with a pandemic, now more than ever, people will be online. This means that recognition for gaming is at its peak. It may have a little drop when the world comes out of the pandemic and life begins to resume, but it’s predicted that the majority of new fans will stick with the gaming scene and continue to enjoy the world of Esports.